Monday, 27 June 2011

I don't think so, Tim....

So, I’m going to make sure I ask the general manager at work today why he wasn’t in Friday and of course I would never believe the incredibly true and verified rumour he was hung over from getting truly Brahms and Liszt (pissed) at a buck’s party on a work night.

Now hey – I’m not big on rules at all but I’m very much into equality and the fact that you can call yourself by any title you like but it doesn’t mean you are better than anyone else. I know for a fact if one of us at work had pulled the same stunt we’d be in trouble. The thing is we’re not stupid enough to get pissed on a work night and not be able to drag our arses in the next day. It’s to do with a little thing called responsibility and while general managers are apparently human they forget others are and I’ll make sure today to remind him when he sends another one of my colleagues into tears. Me? I don’t allow others to make me cry. Him? Oh, I’ll have some fun today….