Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cop out...

When I read stuff where people blame the government for kids growing up useless and unable to cope with failure and life in general, I think bollocks. Yep, governments are a collective of stupidly, anal people who enjoy dumb arsed antiquated rules. I had a job with the government once. I didn’t last. I have issues with dumb arsed antiquated rules. However, blindly using Big Brother as a scapegoat for personal failure? For kids growing up useless and unable to cope with life? Get real.

When I look at women like my mother who married poor, whose kids wore second hand clothes from the Op shop (goodwill) and those kids accepted that as a fact of life without bitching about it, when my mother had no money for medical bills or food and often went without both for her kids, when she was injured but had to cope with three kids when her Army husband was away on exercises, when her youngest son was bipolar and self destructive – did she blame the government for bi-polar, injury, lack of money or loneliness? No. She soldiered on and made her kids do the same. She didn’t look for handouts. She didn’t over-indulge, spoil her kids or give them false illusions to compensate for life not being perfect. When we failed – we failed and we were taught to get up and on with it.

In my less than humble opinion, there are two types of people – those who will forge on no matter the cost or conquest because they will survive come what may. Then there are the ones who blame everyone but themselves because life is 'unfair.' Sure, blame the government for your own personal inadequacies if you don’t have the guts to take responsibility.


Sandra Cox said...

I would have liked to have known your mom.ofsin

anny cook said...

It never occurred to me to blame the government. Whatever comes along, you just deal.

I think it's stupid the way our government has gone to such extremes that children no longer "fail" if they don't do their schoolwork. What's the point, then? If you never fail why would your try harder?