Monday, 9 January 2012

Frog Patrol…

I’ve been given an important job. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously. I am, in essence, in charge of the lives of many. I am on Frog Patrol.

Friends have gone away for a couple of days. Can I put out the bin? Check. Can I be in charge of the fate of dozens of green frog tadpoles who are making their first steps into the hazardous journey of life in the rainforest. Ummm…probably. Actually it’s very simple once it’s been explained to you 57 times and you have asked every dumb question known. There are two large plastic tubs. In tub one you have the tadpoles who are growing legs. In tub two you have tadpoles who have fours legs and are just about to drop their tails and head off into the world. Basically, I have to feed those in tub one and pick out any with four legs and put them in tub two so when they get the urge they can hit the road and find out what life is all about. I know. Huge responsibility and despite Wayne, my ex-pet budgie doing a runner, animals and no doubt green frogs, generally like my half arsed approached to life.

Now you’re asking how does one get to raise green frogs and why should we do it? Well, these friends, good hearted souls that they are, know what green frog eggs look like and when they see them in their back yard, usually after rain, they carefully put them in tubs and help them grow up. Why? Because green frogs are endangered and their main predator is the cane toad that is a pest and a plague in Queensland. So ipso facto, give the green frogs a chance to live and grow up so the world can be a better place. Pretty simple.


anny cook said...

Wonderful! Good thing they know what a green frog looks like!

Dragon Momma said...

Umm.....last summer, we were over RUN with tree frogs. Little bastards were laying eggs in my POOL! They maybe kinda cute, and yes, funky when they stick to your fingers, but NOT MY POOL! *sigh* Then, they took to laying eggs on the cover of my pool when they could not get TO the pool.

Want some? Just not sure how to transport them all that way. :p

Stacy Wilson

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