Monday, 23 January 2012

Men and sex...

I noticed a few e-books companies are branching out with lines that are targeting erotic books towards hetrosexual men. Frankly, I don’t see how they’re going to be successful especially when the majority of them seem to be written by women. Yes, I expect someone is stamping her dainty spiked heel – author speak for bare foot with chipped toenail polish – saying they are selling a million of them – author exaggeration for sales that are a couple of hundred. But a sale is a sale huh?

My thoughts on men. They’re visual creatures. Hence the advent of the archaic wolf whistle, porn magazines, porntube, strip clubs and that moment when you’re walking with a man and you know his dick has led his eyes off in another direction to lust after some long legged busty woman instead of listening to some riveting tale you’re telling him. That’s ok. I get that. I understand men lust after the impossible. It’s like when women buy that dress that is the next size down knowing that they will…probably…maybe…get into it…one skinny day…oh who are we kidding…no, I’m not taking it back yet.

I just don’t see men reading erotica. Women – yes – and I suspect many women will read another woman’s version on what they think a man will read to get his rocks off to get them excited into thinking that’s what a man wants. Crude and simplistic? Yes, but then romance e-book world has become like that. We equate an orgasm to love it seems. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as we’re honest enough to call it sex and not romance.

I would like to know how many men are reading the ‘men’s lines’ that the e-pubs are coming up with – and enjoying them?


anny cook said...

It would be interesting to have an unbiased count...