Monday, 16 January 2012

Yes, I’m responsible for the naked…

…woman on Isobel Goddard’s Duct Tape and Feathers. It’s a Scarlet Harlot story. It’s full of sex and sin and all those good things. Oh, and she’s naked. Well, you can see that. As did others and it caused a problem. Yes, I take full responsibility and I have apologised to the good people at All Romance E-books for the naked cover. Why did I do it? Well, it was late at night, I was tired and I was setting up the story to be published. On the book sites, as you put in the necessary info to publish, you tick and flick boxes – how hot, how naked, is it active, what files etc. I ticked the wrong box when came to nudity. The story went live and all her bits were on display. Nudity has to be approved. She wasn’t approved. So, the story got suspended along with the account. Bugger. Yes I should have paid attention. Yes, I’m a bad girl. Good friend Isobel called me a ‘plonker.’ She’s a Pom (English). Plonker is like nonghead. So yeah, I’ve had to do some apologising today but mistakes happen and I take responsibility. We’ll see what happens with the account.

In the interim, Duct Tape and Feathers can be bought here –

All three of Isobel’s stories - Forbidden Relations - can be bought here –

As for nudity – tick the right box...


anny cook said...

Ahhhhh. Bad girl.