Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Couple of thoughts...

- I read this job advert this morning. This phrase in the middle of a sentence made me smile ‘we have a no 1 in teamwork concept’. Yes. Exactly. I think that sums up nicely how workplaces are going. ‘It’s not me…it’s you…blame them…I adhere to the no one in teamwork policy.’

- I have been getting an email from a romance reader’s loop advising e-book authors over and over again what the rules are and they’re only to post excerpts or whatever once. That means one time only. Uno. Stick one finger in the air. That's how much we want to read your excerpt.
Why do authors have to be reminded of this continuously? Possibly because e-book authors think everyone on the planet wants to read their story. No. No they don’t – hence the rule sweetie.

- Frankly, I don’t want a Mitt or a Newt or an Obama running the US. Get someone with a real name and let’s get serious about saving the world.

- “Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.” ~Oscar Wilde....exactly. I have experience to burn, baby.


anny cook said...

I don't want any of them running the US either. :-(