Monday, 2 January 2012

Shooting dicks off....

So, I watched a bit of The Bold and The Beautiful today. I haven’t watched it in ages and from what I can work out pretty much everything is the same as it was when I last saw it maybe a year ago but for the fact that one of the characters was committed to being a virgin until she married. I know. Fancy that. Anyway, I expect that will soon change and I’m guessing the virgin’s suddenly ex-fiancĂ© who gave her engagement ring to her trashy, arch nemesis, because she slept with him and the virgin didn’t and that apparently gets you a whopping great diamond ring, will contemplate the possibilities of having sex – but – I reckon the father of the bloke who threw the virgin over due to the need to penetrate and who also slept with the trashy arch nemesis, I expect will soon sleep with the pure at heart virgin because first up the father can and probably to show her and everyone else what a real man can do. I also expect he will fall in love with the virginal one who will spurn him because she finds out his evil plan to de-virginate her – possibly a made up word – and then she will get drunk and maybe shoot him in the dick but everyone will forgive her because she’s a virgin…or was…or you know…it’s complicated yet obvious.

Anyway this brings me to another point that a friend and I had a long online discussion about today and that is does being physically/facially beautiful make life more easy for you? We came to the conclusion that it does. Why? Because you have to use what weapons you have to get what you what. Yes, yes, very manipulative but there it is. What does that have to do with drunken, dick shooting off spurned virgins? Not a lot other than if you're a man you should probably watch out for virgins with guns.


Dragon Momma said...

And THAT'S why I stopped watching soaps over 20 years ago! I had occasion to recently watch a couple minutes of One Life To Live and it was the SAME!!! AS 20 YEARS AGO!!! I was dumbfounded. Too bad they didn't have any virgins with guns in that one. ;) Might have livened it up!

Love your books!!

Stacy Wilson

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