Saturday, 29 September 2012

There’s probably never an appropriate time…

…to use the phrase ‘penis caught in your zipper’…especially not at work, but I did. Why? I was trying to explain something to this idiot 30 year old man, who still lives at home and thinks once you have a job it’s for life so you don’t have to put any effort in because no one can sack you. Correct. He is still 6 years old in his mind and finds toilet humour funny. Anyway, something happened yesterday and I said “whomever rings we don’t mention anything about X and all you say is ‘they are unavailable and can I take a message.’” No, I shouldn't have to point out office/phone etiquette to this nitwit but bad manners always annoy me, added to the fact it was inappropriate for any of us to be discussing a fellow co-worker to people over the phone. Anyway, this nitwit says to me ‘well, he shouldn't have told me what was wrong if he didn’t want me to tell everyone.’ Yes. What a fuckwit. I said “For god sake you’re a grown man. Act like one. Have some control. Would you want me telling everyone one day that you rang in to say you’re late because your penis got stuck in your zipper and let them draw their own conclusions?” Yes. That did shut him up. Yes, he did use ‘they are unavailable and can I take a message’. Men. Penises. One of the few things immature men pay attention to.