Friday, 7 September 2012

On Fridays...

-          you are taller, thinner and generally more attractive

-          I would suggest not falling in love with anyone on a Friday because everyone is so full of hope after being trapped at work all week you need to make sure neither beer goggles or out-of-control-Friday-happiness clouds your judgment. Fall in love Saturday.

-          you don’t need chocolate for medicinal purposes. It can still be eaten but it’s more about the happiness affect

-          calories don’t count

-          you can do edits at your work desk on a Friday after writing for the rest of the week. It’s a refreshing change.

-          sex? It’s not dependent on the Friday rule unless it’s a co-worker then don’t go there. Also, see point two.

-          coffee has more of an orgasmic effect than medicinal so go have one or several
-     exercise is ok on a Friday because of points 3 and 4.
-     does you bum look big in that? Yes. Who cares? Why are you looking? - go back to point 2. Wait until midnight to analyze arses and intentions.   

-          And lastly, say what you want to who you want and know that whatever you do is justified because it’s Friday and you are fearless and the Friday gods understand and will protect you. That or have a fast mouth mouth and feet.   


Anny Cook said...

I will print these out and tack them up on the wall for tomorrow!