Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I do understand...

 Today, after getting lost several times because I always glance briefly at a map and declare to myself that in that one fast second I know exactly where I’m going – I don’t -  I eventually found myself at the St Vinnies (St Vincent DePaul) depot where I dropped off stuff for charity – aka garage sales stuff from last Saturday. Once there I chatted to a nice bloke who was quite happy to take it and also pick up a couple of arm chairs from my home. His words to me were along the lines of ‘you have no idea how many people are in need.’ I thought back to my mother, who, when we were kids, bought everything at good will because there was no money for anywhere else. A lot of you reading this know exactly what I mean. I wasn’t aware until I was about 13 that department stores with new clothes existed and I often think back to spoilt Julie Mason who made such fun of my old clothes. But you know what? I’m glad I grew up understanding the value of money and I had a mother who worked her arse off for us. So yeah, I do understand how people are in need. It’s good to be reminded of your roots. It makes you realize you’ve grown up damn good.       


Sandra Cox said...

Your mom sounds like a special woman.