Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Check this out...

Here 'tis…the cover for Male Me. I have written a blurb - unedited/unapproved as yet - and yesterday's blog has the story about how Male Me came about.

Male Me…the blurb

After Delaware Brooks sends a silly email about what she would like the new boss to do to her, she is called into the boss's office. The punishment? Every hot, sexual craving she have ever had fulfilled. But Templeton McAdam is not the only man new man in her life. His best friend Speed is invited to enjoy Delaware.

Is it wrong to enjoy both men and should she be falling in love with them so fast?

Male Me will be released in August from
Resplendence Publishing

Okay, to give you a break from my endlessly rambling posts, author Elaine Lowe has been kind enough to send me details of her latest release - Sea of Pearls. It's been released today at Ellora’s Cave. As always, it's just a click on the cover to snap up your own copy of this hot, sexy romance.

Sea of Pearls by Elaine Lowe - adult excerpt

He was out there, somewhere, circling around her either in wariness or stalking her as though she was his prey. In truth, she was both hunter and hunted. She wasn't sure which role she enjoyed more. The heat that suffused her blood was welcome, raw sensation very different from the apathy that had claimed her for weeks. She knew she was almost ready to look for a new course for her life.

However, at this moment the only thing that interested her was the gentle motion of the water against her skin, the nibbling of the tiny native fish against her toes. Then there was that prickle along the back of her neck and the knowledge that there was a dark shape, circling around her slowly, still keeping its distance. There was the smallest tinge of fear in her—though she could swim, she was not an expert. Deep in her gut, the visceral intensity of that fear made her incredibly excited.

Well, if I've come out here to offer myself like a common tralc, I might as well get on with it. She started by cupping her breasts, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples and simply enjoying the mild wickedness of fondling herself so blatantly in a public place. Down over her ribs and the planes of her stomach, she caressed her own skin in small circles, drawing out the inevitable descent of her fingers toward the center of her pleasure.

As she drew closer to her goal, he grew closer still. He didn't bother to break the surface for air, instead constantly circling, tighter and tighter until she could see his form in the water and feel his eyes upon her. Her feet parted slightly on the gravel lake bottom. One hand returned to her breasts and she scraped a manicured nail over her hardened nipple and the other hand moved over her hip and finally brushed the parted lips of her sex. She closed her eyes against the swirling mist surrounding her and bit her lip, relishing the luxuriant pleasure of stroking her clit as this stranger watched her.

The pleasure moon of Hyvan III offered an endless selection of delights to all the senses and yet this was sharper, sweeter. The water swirled against her legs and she smiled, knowing he was very, very close now. She thrust a finger into the opening of her sex, tensing her muscles against the intrusion and savoring the tightness of her passage. It had been far, far too long.

She drew tighter and tighter circles over her clit, searching for friction that was impossible in the water, hovering on the very edge of fulfillment. Then she felt his touch. Strong hands closed over her ankles. His flesh longed for warmth in the cool water. Victory was hers and it tasted very, very sweet.

But he didn't rise up out of the water, asking to claim his reward for finally breaking the ice between them. No, nothing so straightforward. Instead, his hands drew small teasing circles over the skin of her legs and by the time he'd gotten to her thighs, his lips, teeth and tongue followed.

Sheer willpower and the buoyancy of the water were the only things keeping her upright. The slow drag of his tongue over the sensitive skin of the backs of her knees made her moan softly. He circled around her kissing and licking, biting and sucking until she thought she would come the instant he got anywhere near her clit.

Her hands searched blindly until they found his head, her fingers surging into the short crop of fine dark blond hair. He turned his face into her palm and pressed an open-mouthed kiss there, an incredibly intimate and endearing act. Suddenly, this wasn't just some random encounter between strangers. She knew that she
wanted to get this man to talk to her, to uncover his secrets behind that gruff exterior.

hmmm...I wouldn't mind getting to know this man myself...

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Ooh what a yummy cover! The cover gods at Resplendence are smiling on you too.

Anny Cook said...

Hunkalicious! Lovely guys!

Happy release day, Elaine!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Very nice, Elaine! And AJ, love the new cover.

Sandra Cox said...

Great covers, ladies!;)

Unknown said...

Hot cover. Both books, yours and Elaine's, sound fab.

Regina Carlysle said...

Great cover, AJ...I'm lusting after the guy in the front. MMMM.

Happy Release Day, Elaine. The book sounds great.