Saturday, 14 June 2008


Do you know what’s so good about smacking your head into the desk? It’s so good when you stop. I am in website changing mode…step back and no one gets hurt. Ring me at your own peril.

Yes, isn’t the blog red? I seem to be on a red fetish at the moment as the new website – which is almost done – I had to step away from it as I was losing my mind – is also red. I like red almost as much as I like black. I like bold colours. Anyway, there it is…I changed the blog even though I said I wouldn’t but I blame it all on cover artist
Lyn Taylor for making me this excellent banner. I also must apologize to her as I have driven her spare in the last day with requests to do this or that. She’s either a very nice person or on drugs as she has been terribly patient with me. Lyn is in another state so I can’t hear if she screams when she gets another email from me.

So, I have been stuffing around with the new website. I would like to say I have taken so long because I am a perfectionist but that would be an absolute big fat lie. I just have simply been changing my mind constantly as to what I want to do. But then, I’m a woman and that’s allowed. Eventually it will be up and running. No, make that tomorrow it will be up and running. I am due to annoy the crap out of the web hosting guys and I expect drama when I publish the thing but hey – again, the pain stops when you stop beating your head.

So, due to the red blog, I’ve had to quickly go through and change previous post colours as I favour red quite a bit and red on red is rather pointless and I suspect would piss people off. Will it stay red forever? Who knows? That’s one of the riddle of the sands mysteries.

As I type this I have a frigging mosquito buzzing around me. Clearly it does not know it is winter. It’s been bloody cold today and yes, I am a wuss when it comes to the cold. Most Brisbanites are. We refuse to believe it will get cold in the sub tropics and then when it does we’re all amazed. Yes, we’re simple, yet amazing attractive folk.
As for the mozzie, I attract them in droves. I believe it’s my blue blood. I wrote a scene in Mad About Mirabelle about mozzies that many people have written to tell me they identified or liked.t

Mad About Mirabelle - it's another click and buy moment...

“Not every one is as sweet and nice as you.” Flynn nuzzled the side of her neck.
“Ah, I hear flattery. What do you want?” Mirabelle had a fairly good idea. That ever ready cock of Flynn’s had not completely gone down after all this time. It was flaring up again and pulsating against her stomach.
“What do you think I want Miss Mirabelle?” Flynn dropped his pants and kicked them aside.
“Out here?” Even as she said the words trying to sound appalled and failing miserably, Mirabelle was instantly wet just thinking about fucking Flynn outside in the moonlight. Who would be up at this hour anyway?
“It’s nice and dark and peaceful and that grass looks awfully soft.”
Before Mirabelle had a chance to protest further she felt Flynn’s leg hook hers and she was tumbling slowly to the ground with Flynn following her down. Just as well she hadn’t gotten around to fixing the lawn mower. The grass was thick and spongy. There was an upside to having a mangy looking lawn. It was beddable.
“There are a million mosquitoes out here.” She could hear their whining drone already as they started to zero in on the chunky white flesh on offer.
“The odd mozzie bite won’t kill you.” Flynn slid in between her thighs and started pulling her leggings down.
Mozzies love my flesh.” She generally avoided wandering around her backyard in the dark as she was a beacon for the little suckers.
“I understand how those mozzies feel. I have a deep devotion to your flesh as well.” Flynn had the leggings down and her shirt off before she could say another word.
“You have fast hands limo man.” She looked up at the star filled sky. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. It was kind of romantic after all and she was already naked and very willing so…
“All the better to undress you with my dear.” Flynn ran his hands over the length of her body, stopping to rest on her breasts. The beauty of her pale skin in the moonlight made him suck in his breath in wonder. “You are so beautiful.” He kissed her deeply his tongue entwining with hers.
Mirabelle gave herself up to the moment. And there seemed to be quite a few of them with Flynn Curtis in her life. She was hot with desire and Flynn’s hard cock against her stomach promised a thrilling ride. Mirabelle pulled his head down to her breast and moaned as he sucked eagerly down on her nipple. Her legs lifted and locked instantly in their natural position around Flynn’s hips. Not even the drone of mozzies could turn her off.
“So I take it you’re not averse to a moonlight fuck?”
This man could pretty much fuck her anywhere, in whatever lighting and she would not complain. She just wanted him—pure and simple. Why fight it?

No, I am too pure to have sex under the stars. Yes, I have a bridge you can buy…it over looks Sydney Harbour. I will ask, because I can, where is the most interesting place you have made love or you would like to? Points will be awarded on inventiveness.

That’s it from me…a website beckons… ….not for long…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self


barbara huffert said...

How are the trade negotiations coming? I've had half a migraine for a week from the heat so we really need to switch soon.

Cool red. For me, the black type is a little difficult to see when my screen isn't at just the right angle. Geez, now you're going to make me work in order to read your blog. Ok so tilting the laptop isn't really all that difficult...

Don't forget to send the banner when everything is ready. Well done, Lyn.

Anny Cook said...

Excellent blog. Love the red color and it's very you.

Hmmm. Most interesting place, eh? Well I once did it outside in a camp ground full of people.

And in the backyard (no fence).