Saturday, 7 June 2008


So, the Unbreakable contest has closed. Thanks once again for the huge response. I think the koala t-shirt did it. There was a t-shirt with a possum on it but after my run-in with Mervina, possum, pest and bon vivant, I am off possums. Anyway…I have sent best friend Ethel a list of names and I expect a phone call shortly. As soon as the winner is notified by email and responds, I’ll bung the name on the blog. Due to the huge response for this contest, I will have another one shortly…watch this space.

I am knackered (bloody tired). I have spent the whole day renovating the laundry. Is it finished? No. It’s the whole Rome wasn’t built in a day thing…I think it took 2 days because they had to get the pizza ovens in. Anyway, the laundry is on its way to looking lovely. I tell myself that because otherwise I have spent all day wasting my time. The good thing is all that apricot paint has gone. Now, I personally have nothing against that coloured paint. It’s just that I am sick of looking at it. Years ago when I was extremely cash strapped, someone gave me 10 litres of apricot coloured paint free – yes – correct – a lot of
things got painted apricot. Anyway, while I was waiting for the men with the new shelves to arrive– yes I piked out (gave in) and decided I didn’t have time to make shelves besides pre-made Aussie built ones came in a lot cheap compared to Amarinda built ones. Anyway, where was I? Apricot paint – yes, so I decided to paint out all the apricot paint. Now, I have a lot of half cans of paint. No two rooms in my house are the same colour. It’s a mood thing. So now the laundry is half crimson and half teal. No, it’s not pukeable – it’s rather wild and I like it. I also hope the huge, tattooed delivery man and his mate like those colours too because the paint wasn’t quite dry when the shoved the shelves in and they left with a mix of teal and crimson on their backs. I was going to tell them but they looked awfully big and a tad beyond me, so I decided discretion being the better part of not getting into an argument with scary tattooed people, I would say nothing. Besides I think they thought I was odd anyway because when they arrive I was munching on a tomato and had just stuffed the whole thing into my mouth (yes, I do have a big mouth) in order to free my hands to do something and they looked at me kind of funny. Possibly I looked a tad odd with my cheeks full, not able to talk and giving hand signals as to where things should go...

Injuries sustained? One bruised finger and one split lip. Moral of the story, don’t hammer things and don’t pull things towards you or you’ll smack yourself in the face or lip in this case. But on the whole, other than being covered in paint, not much physical harm done to myself at all.

So, due to my state of knackerdom – okay, maybe it’s not a word – maybe it should be a word – it’s a short blog as I want to go collapse on the sofa like the big wuss I am. But never fear,
Anny, Regina, Barbara, Sandra and the other good folk to the left on the blog list always have amazing things to say. Check ‘em out.

Marlow’s Curse - review

Stories by Amarinda Jones are always hot and steamy, yet also filled with amusing conversations to keep readers entertained all through the book. From the beginning of MARLOW”S CURSE to its conclusion, emotions are evident and they run the gamut from humorous to anguish to overwhelming desire. Though the plot started in the first book of this series, there is plenty of background in this story to inform readers of just what is happening and causes them to care about the hero and heroine. Marlow and Sybylla make an unusual couple, as he is a vampire and she is a witch. Ms. Jones throws numerous obstacles in the pathway to them finding any true happiness, and each one adds an interesting side to their personal stories. There is much going against these two from the beginning of their relationship, and they must look deep within themselves for answers before they can move forward. Although their longing for each other is off the scale and is depicted with fiery intimate moments, their deep caring for the welfare of the other is just as strong and is powerfully shown by their actions. The ruthless nature of Scar is vividly portrayed through his merciless deeds, making me want to see him receive a fitting punishment. MARLOW’S CURSE proves the power of love with fervent desires and tender compassion.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Did the split lip happen before or after the men were there? Not telling them about the paint was a good idea. Just think of the story that will evolve when someone else asks one of them about it.

Anny Cook said...

Very, very nice review. Loved Marlow's Curse myself.

Scarlet and teal sounds yummy. At least it will wake you up when you're down in the laundry!

Glad you didn't do more damage to yourself.

Eeleen Lee said...

Great review, succintly put.

I hope you've recovered from your injuries. I normally get contact-high from paint fumes, so I don't notice any injuries I may have incurred from home improvement efforts- until (wincing..) much laterrr..

Molly Daniels said...

Great review:)

Sandra Cox said...

Great review, bud.
My goodness to listen to your description, sounds like you've been in the war zone instead of remodeling your laundry room. Why don't you post a pic when its finished?

Sandra Cox said...

Maybe I should have added description of your injuries. I wasn't very clear on that was I?

Regina Carlysle said...

Glad you got rid of all the apricot. I have to change colors on occasion. The new colors sound great.

So what? You're working during your holiday? How come? You should lay around like a slug, do something fun.

Great review!