Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I don’t think so…

I was watching Good Morning America early this morning because stuff all is on at 4:30am other than this reciprocal US show as I do my pukeable exercise. Anyway, they had Diane Sawyer doing an interview with Susan Atkins. For those of you who do not know, Atkins was once part of the killer Charles Manson’s ‘Family’. They went on a killing spree and many innocent people died. She and her cohorts giggled in court when they were being sentenced over the murders. Was she on drugs? Probably but to my mind that does not excuse her actions. She killed people in cold blood. There was no remorse in her then. Of course she wants forgiveness now because she has been serving a life term. To my mind only the families of those who were killed can legitimately give forgiveness and as they can’t then I stand by their decision or anyone else in a similar situation.

It annoys me that we seem to be a society of people who do heinous acts and then say ‘but hey, I’ve found God so you
have to forgive.’ What a crock. Yes. I believe people
make mistakes. I do it all the time. Mistakes are part of life but there is a line that is drawn between an ‘oh crap, why did I do that’ moment to killing or maiming people in cold blood. Taking a life is more than just one life – you take a part of a family and friends lives as well. So all the bleeding hearts who say ‘oh, let them go, they truly feel remorse and God is speaking to them’ – yeah maybe but you took a life so you need to serve life. Yes, how hard line of me. Yes, some people can find redemption but in my opinion cold blooded killers like Atkins don’t deserve to have a life for taking a life.

So what is forgiveness for you? Will you forgive all trespassers against you? Do you have a scale of what you will accept? Or are you an eye for an eye person? Do you forgive but keep what happened in the back of your mind as a warning never to trust that person again?

On a much lesser note, when does a mistake become a crime and how much should be tolerated for the sake of winning? We have had a swimmer in Australia that got thrown off the Olympic team because he beat up and seriously injured a fellow swimmer. They threw him off the team because of his conduct. Opinion has been divided between letting him go to the Olympics because he’s a good swimmer and ‘he’s sorry’ and should be given another chance because this could ruin his life to why should we have a thug representing Australia? When does ability override justice? Why should a crime like this be acceptable because he’s a sportsman? Have we lost all sense of perspective? He beat someone up. I don’t want him representing Australia no matter how many gold medals he may bring in. Greed is not always good and gold is just another colour.

Yes, forgiveness is something that I have trouble with and I make no apologies for my thoughts. To hurt or injure another physically or mentally in my mind is not forgivable – ever.

Okay, off the heavy stuff…We had a fire drill today. It was most disappointing as no fireman came out. They used to at Promptel but then that building was a death trap and even the hint of anything wrong there had the emergency services out regardless – drill or not. We used to look forward to strolling out of the building and standing and chatting while we perved on the firemen. That building has since been knocked down - thank god. Too many people were injured there though it is disappointing that the Acme Dance Shoe Emporium, where I now work, does not have the same dangerous quirks. Ah, the bad old days.
Alrighty then…I’ll try to be less somber tomorrow but hey, if stuff is on your mind you have to say least I do.

Unbreakable - review

Amarinda Jones can sure write some hot and heavy sex, and along with a dominant male who wants the woman of his dreams makes for some great reading. Unbreakable caught my attention right from the beginning with India, a woman who will not be denied her pleasure even though at her age she should be living a more sedated life style. She shows that her life is not over just because she is past forty. Dash certainly agrees and his passion for this older woman definitely made me smile. Unbreakable may be short, but the scenes between Dash and India simmer and should make the reader purr with satisfaction.

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

I'm with you, an eye for an eye. Yes, people do make mistakes and can redeem themselves but somethings are more than mistakes. They're deliberate, intentional actions which makes them unforgivable.

Anny Cook said...

Murder--you serve your time. If you've found God in the meantime, then you can serve God in jail. Those who are truly converted also suffer terrible remorse and admit that they should be in jail/prison.

Your swimmer need to be in jail. The Olympics is about sportsmanship as much as about winning. And that certainly is not any kind of demonstration of sportsmanship. I'm with you. Toss him off the team. Winning is never that important.

Forgiveness... I don't so much forgive as refuse to pursue the matter. For me the pursuit of justice is sometimes more trouble than it's worth--particularly in a relative minor case. But that old expression "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" comes to mind.

Mona Risk said...

I remember the Charles Mason crime and the way they killed 8-month pregnant actress Sharon Tate. She beeged to spare her baby but they didn't.I'm surprised they haven't been been on the electric chair yet. I read an article about the miliions $ we pay on inmates and the lawsuits they have against their jailors.

I tend to forgive and forget too fast, but I can't forgive someone who hurts children.

Molly Daniels said...

Great review:)

I agree with Anny concerning the swimmer.