Friday, 20 June 2008

Rave on...

I heard this report on the news. Click
here for more. Is the world going to hell in a handbag or what? $6.9 million was spent on a painting. Yes – a painting. It will not save the world, feed the hungry, aid medical research or help the various crises/threats that abound. This to me is a case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. I love art. Gauguin, Renoir, Van Gogh – fabulous. But for god sake $6.9 million on a painting?? How can that possibly be justified as anything but plain and utter greed? How nice it must be to be so rich you can throw money away like that. Yes, I am sure it’s an ‘investment’ but I have to ask isn’t investing money in people and fixing problems a tad more important? And yeah, there will always be problems but if you have that much money why not put some – not asking for all - back into actually doing something for someone other than yourself? I am sure whoever bought it thinks it looks lovely hanging in their living room but bloody hell shame on you for wasting money like that.

I always go for a walk in my lunch break for exercise and to get out of the office. Of late I have noticed a Mr Whippy van driving around with its tinned musical recording blaring out
'Greensleeves', as they do. Do you have Mr Whippy vans? I’m not sure if they are worldwide. Maybe they are known by a different name where you are but basically they are mobile ice-cream vans. I work in an industrial area. I would have thought there would not be much call for an ice-cream van. It always seems like something you see in suburbia on the weekends in the summer - not winter and in the heart of industry. Yet there it is and people mill around it, in their fluorescent safety uniforms, steel caps etc buying ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top. This is an area where fried, fast foods are the usual menu du jour - meat peas, chips (french fries) and Chiko rolls. What's a chiko roll? 'Not 100% sure…could have anything it in but generally it has meat of some description, cabbage and maybe onions - all mushy inside - and then it’s all deep fried. I don’t ever eat them. They are pukeable to me yet they are wildly popular. As for ice-cream –it seems to be a big seller with the workers. Maybe it's a reminder from childhood when ‘Greensleeves’ plays. Who knows? It just seems funny and quirky and that’s refreshing.

I haven't trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I've never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.
Erma Bombeck

There was a poll the other day asking something along the lines of whether you read romance books or not. The inference was if you do then you are not very smart. Naturally romance writers were up in arms. Yet I wasn’t. Why? Because it’s just a poll and readers aren’t stupid. They will read what they enjoy regardless what some poll says. It's like anything in life - someone can say 'Oh, I hate XYZ and everyone who likes it is stupid.' Good for 'someone' having an opinion/making up a poll but I will still like what I do regardless of a poll. I will still have my own thoughts. I will still like what I like because I like it. And yes, some people think romance books are stupid. They are entitled to their opinion. I do not agree. Think about it - if one genre has lasted longer than any other in written form, be it books or song, its romance. So I am not getting pissed off at a poll. They will have a poll tomorrow on asking people to vote on whether red toe nail polish is sluttish and does pink equal purity? Whatever…opinions are given everyday, mine include, and the world still turns because people have the power to think for themselves. Let ‘em put the poll where they like.

I bought a new wallet–come-purse all in one thing. My old one gave up the ghost. I emptied all the stuff out of my old one and I came to the conclusion that I collect a lot of crap. I believe I have the world’s record in courtesy cards – you know, buy so many get one free or a discount. Some are from places I cannot remember even going to. Many I do not use and yet I could not throw them out because I never know when I will have the need to buy a coffee and a muffin in a suburb I swore blind I would never venture into again. I also found obscure measurements written on small bits of paper. What are they for? A logical person would have written something like ‘window measurements’ or similar. But not me. I am the woman who thinks she knows everything. I stuffed them into the new wallet because maybe one day I’ll be looking for a measurement for something and one of them may be it…just which one I’m not sure. I also decided to clean out my handbag. I found three small pocket knives, a plethora of pens, probably 50 safety pins chained together, a sewing kit, band aids, many rubber bands and aspirin/meds, amongst other stuff. If a major catastrophe happens tomorrow, I am the woman you want at your side as I will built a shelter in what is in my handbag alone. Did I chuck anything out? Would MacGyver? No – exactly.
Someone smashed through the railway boom gates at the Geebung railway station…yes, Geebung - what an interesting name - very Aussie. Anyway, I got stuck in traffic because of it - police and drama ensued - but I didn’t mind. These boom gates are the most frustrating in the world as they seem to go down every couple of minutes and you are stuck waiting for a train that takes forever to pass by. These gates piss people off. Yes, I know they save lives. I agree we should have them but in the same token I can understand why someone lost the plot and struck a blow for the rebellion. No one seems to know who did it. No, they didn't think rationally and yes they are probably regretting it albeit with a small smile of satisfaction on their face.
I had to have a blood test before work this morning…just a check to see if my blood is still blue. Actually, like many women I have a deadly slow metabolism and I am on thyroid meds. Anyway, I wandered in and there was a big, beefy man sitting in the waiting room, hunched forward, head in his hands and people attending him. OMG! What happened? Was he attacked? Did he had to fend of off Mothra and was wounded somehow? No, it was a needle. He passed out at the sight of it. Everyone is scared of something aren’t they regardless how big and tough they are. But all things medical interest me. I watch the needle go in and see the blood. It assures me regardless how I feel I am still alive and that’s a good way to start the day. I used to give blood until the blood donor service here decided anyone living in the UK between 1983 – 86 cannot give blood. Why? There is still the slightest fear of the whole mad cow disease thing that happened over there. So to anyone who thought I was a mad cow…maybe you’re right.

End of ramble…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

We have ice cream trucks, "Mr. Sofite" and "Mr. Hard". They each have their own song so you can hear which one is on the way blocks before they arrive. With gas prices what they now are however, they only come once a day rather than multiples.

Yep, I already know you're the woman to be trapped in a precarious situation with. You've just reinforced that.

Money is relative. Maybe spending 6.9 million on a painting to them is like us spending 3.99 on a new eBook to us. It should therefore follow that when I give my 20 to a charity they should give 45 million. Doubt it somehow, don't you?

Anny Cook said...

It's just depressing when that much money is floating around isn't it? And you're right...there are so many places and people where the money would do some good.

I have to have bloodwork tomorrow morning. I hate needles so I do not look. But I don't pass out. Ugh.

Regina Carlysle said...

Ah, on the poll thingy...I understand why romance writers and readers get sensitive about the subject. It's kind of like a blonde getting pissed because she's stereotyped as being DUMB. It gets peoples backs up. Yeah, it's just a poll and shouldn't be taken seriously but this kind of pigeon-holing ticks people off.

Yeah..I'm a pack rat. My old purses are so full of stuff I'm left thinking WOW what a gold mine.

JacquƩline Roth said...

I have very few girlie obsessions. I don't collect shoes or jewelry. But purses are my thing. I love purses. They are so handy.

Yep, I'm one ticked off by the poll, not by the results or whatever, but by the way it was worded. Bodice rippers? I have never written a ripped bodice and I have only read one once in all my days. hmmff.

Needles don't bug me. Have a blood disorder and once had to have blood drawn every 4 hours. You get over it real fast. I currently have to give myself injections because of blood disorder. It sucks, but it's no big deal. One nurse even let me draw my own blood once. It was Hella-Cool!

Anika Hamilton said...

I hate needles. There was a time when about three people would have to restrain me in order to give me a simple injection.

However, when I had surgery a few years ago, those needles looked like chocolate to me. Injecting the pain killer was more preferable to eating some pills, and more fast acting.

I don't have as much treasures as you do but I get annoyed with all the receipts I have especially since I never look at them a first much less a second time.

Polls are truly interesting, especially since they are sooo scientific. Mmm-hmm, yes they are, absolutely. :-) You don't believe me, lets do a poll to check.

Unknown said...

As someone who works for a charity that serves the destitute poor, I think that's such a shame that so much money was spent on a luxury item. It could've done so much good helping the poor.

Mr. Whippie? I've never heard the name before. We have ice cream trucks. After our new building first opened at work, an ice cream truck used to come by during our 3 o'clock break.

LynTaylor said...

Not fond of needles but having been pregnant twice kinda puts an end to that. It's like a neon sign appears above your head reading 'Pin-Cusion'! Actually I quite like watching the thing go in and the blood come out. Sick? Yes possibly LOL!