Friday, 27 June 2008

Cowboy up…

I am off to the country tomorrow and back Sunday. My father lives up in the mountains and I know it will be cold enough to freeze the proverbial balls off a brass monkey. When I get there I know my father will ask his standard question – “Do you have enough money?” Yes thanks, I actually get a wage. “You’re not just saying that?” No, at 44 I can pretty much look after myself. "I have money you know.” Yes, I do – thanks but no thanks. I’m okay.

My parents, like yours I’m sure, scrimped and saved for years to get to a level of acceptable security. I learned by their teachings. I never take money for granted. I find now my father will say he is thinking of buying this or that and he wonders whether he should. I always tell him buy it. “But I should leave you and your brother money.” Stuff leaving us money. If we haven’t learned yet how to look after ourselves by now there is no hope for us. And yes I know people who expect an inheritance from their parents. Why? Why should anyone leave their grown up adult children anything? And what sort of kids expect their parents to live on less to assure their own old age? Plain ridiculous and selfish. Pull your head in and grow up if that’s your plan.

Keeping on the topic of age…I was talking to a customer service consultant over the phone and she said to me – you sound really young. She was suspicious when I gave my date of birth as identification. Yeah, I get that a lot of the phone. I am the ‘girl’ on the phone. Funny enough when I was a kid I always looked older and now at 44 I am considered younger. That’s just genetics I guess. But when I talked to the consultant more, she said she was ‘terrified’ of aging. She was 23. It had never occurred to me to ‘terrified’ about any age. What’s to be terrified over? It’s not like there was a guarantee you would always remain physically young all your life. Why not stop worrying about stuff you cannot control and remain young in mind and spirit? Control what you can and stop worrying about the inevitable. We’re going to age, accept it and move on and enjoy your life.

Did you know Always a Cowboy - Love at the Crazy H- Book 3 - by Cindy Spencer Pape is available now at the Wild Rose Press. And can I say about bloody time. I read Book 1 and 2 and was hanging out for book 3 as many readers were. Book 3 can be read by itself but why not treat yourself and buy the whole set. Click on the cover to buy because as the commercial says ‘you’re worth it.’ Not like a commercial would lie...

Always A Cowboy - Cindy Spencer Pape...Excerpt: ADULT-ish

Surely the little whimper she heard couldn’t have come from her own lips. She rose up on her toes to meet him, hungry for a taste.

His big hands flattened against her back, holding her right up against him as his lips moved against hers. She could feel the impressive bulge in his jeans pressed up against her and her own body softened in response.

He tasted of coffee, of peppermint, and of something indefinably Trip. His tongue traced the inside of her mouth, exploring each ridge and crevice with a mixture of reverence and urgency than made her knees wobble. Beth’s arms wound up and around his neck, both for support and to allow her to press her suddenly heavy breasts against his muscled chest.


Beth wanted to cry when he pulled his lips away from hers, but she’d barely had time to gasp for breath when she felt the gentle glide of his mouth slide along her cheek to her ear. Oh, lord! The way he made her feel as he nibbled on the lobe and stroked with his tongue was probably illegal in half a dozen states.

It was the first time they’d been alone, with no children. That thought hovered in the back of her mind even while she allowed him to slide her linen-blend blazer down off her shoulders. She didn’t even notice it hit the floor, just gloried in the sensation of his big warm hands sliding down the bare skin of her arms. Her blouse had little cap sleeves that didn’t impede him at all. Neither did the buttons, not for long. Then he slid the blouse off as well, and Beth went still.

Her body wasn’t horrible, but it was far from perfect, as Daniel had reminded her on a regular basis. She never had time to work out, and there were stretch marks from her pregnancy.

“Beautiful,” he murmured again. She started to contradict him, but then his fingers were running reverently above the plain cotton cups of her bra, and she forgot how to speak.

Somehow, he’d maneuvered them over next to the sofa. He eased himself down on the cushion, still holding onto her, so she ended up standing in the vee of his thighs. She trembled while he kissed his way from her neck down to the swell of her breasts, his hands cupping her less-than-generous flesh. When he thumbed her nipples through the threadbare cotton, she couldn’t suppress a moan.
"Have to taste you.” His words were thick and raspy. He didn’t wait for her to respond, just reached around to unsnap her bra then tugged it away and tossed it to the floor. Then he groaned. “God, Beth!”

Her knees bucked when he took her distended nipple into his mouth. Gentle hands at her waist held her steady and she leaned her own on his shoulders for support.

He nuzzled her softly then moved his lips to the other breast, treating it to the same thorough attention as the first. Somewhere in the back of her mind, warning bells were clanging, but she ignored them. This was Trip! After all these years of loving him from afar, she finally got to find out what if felt like to be the woman in his arms. She might berate herself later for giving in, but for right now, she was determined to enjoy every second, and make a memory that might have to last her a lifetime.


Have a good weekend…back Sunday.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

As long as all my parts work, I don't care how old I am.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks for the plug, AJ!

I remember being on the phone with the dh's grandfather years ago and he said, "Well, I just spent your inheritance." (he'd bought a new car) and we both answered "Good!" simultaneously and cracked up. Followed by, "It's yours. SPend every damn penny."

Anny Cook said...

I would rather that my parents enjoyed whatever they have than have them scrimp and save and do without so they could leave me something. They earned it. They should spend it.

The cowboy books were EXCELLENT!!! Yay!

Travel safely!

Unknown said...

Great excerpt.

Yep, no use worrying about things we can't change, like getting older. I remember thinking I was old at 26. Now I'd love to be 26 again.

LynTaylor said...

Just bought the first in the series! You piqued my interest. Thanks AJ :D

LynTaylor said...

Thoroughly enjoyed that book! Off to get the other two now LOL!

Anika Hamilton said...

Hope you enjoy your visit. Totally understand what you mean about parents enjoying what their money.

I'm with Barbara, as long as I'm healthy. I should start working on that, less junk food. *sigh*

Congrats on the new release Cindy.

Jacquéline Roth said...

I've never been a big fan of the cowboy, but that excerpt makes me very interested in seeing the rest.

My grandmother, great grandmother and my great aunt left me an inheritance. I was 22 when my great aunt died and she left me her household things since I'd need them. My great grandmother left me pictures of her parents and her family. My grandmother left me photos of my family, memories of being raised by her and my grandfather and a charm bracelet she'd had made that had a picture of me and my granfather on it.

Each woman left me an inheritance that didn't involve money, but was more valuable than any check that could have been written.