Tuesday, 5 August 2008

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Quickie blog – could not leave you with nothing before I wandered off….first up…. have you ever considered doing book reviews? I started out doing this before I did the writing gig. The benefits? Free books. Also if you are considering trying your hand at writing it is an excellent way to learn what is hot on the market. If interested click on the link below and tell Robyn I sent you.

SEDUCING THE STONES by Kathy Kulig is out now at Ellora’s Cave and it’s a red, hot sizzling read that I can totally recommend. So click on the cover and buy it. Then get some chocolate, maybe a glass or two of wine and settle down for some great reading entertainment. Go on – you deserve it

The excerpt…

Rory hadn't meant to shout at the lass. That upturned chin and angry-looking stare sent a clear message and he couldn't afford to lose her trust now. She glared at him. Her pale brown hair blew around her face in the breeze, yet she hadn't made a move to secure it behind her ears or brush it out of the way.
Her crossed arms didn't hide her curvy breasts or hips. Yes, she would be a fine one for the ritual, but she was a willful woman, independent, partly resistant to his Glamour and not one to take orders, especially from the likes of him. He sat on the log.
"I'm sorry, Carolyn. The Druids' Circle is a dangerous place. Best you keep far away."
"And why is that?" She pursed her mouth as if she thought his words were in jest, or he was playing a game.
"The Sidhe, for one. If you not believe in them, then the ley lines are another concern."
"Ley lines? My, Mr. Donovan, don't we have lots of campfire stories? You must entertain many hikers and campers. I think I'm going to need another cup of tea for this story. How about you?"
A puzzling woman. She sounded miffed, yet she invited him to stay. Was she curious, or in need of company? He wasn't using his Glamour now.
"Aye, I'll take another cup," he mumbled.
She filled a pot with water from her jug and placed it on a rack over the fire, then placed teabags in their tea cups.
Crickets and other insects whirred and chirped in the bushes and grasses. Behind a pine tree, he spied the eyes of a raccoon watching them. No doubt, the animal waited to roam the campsite for scrapes of food. Rory looked up through the tangle of branches swaying in the slight breeze. The moon was almost full. Almost time for the ritual.
He didn't have much time and he needed her help. He didn't like the idea of using his Glamour influence on her, but he would if he had to.
"No milk for me, thank you," he said as he watched her pour some into her cup, holding his breath that she didn't waste any of the precious bounty. He would need that for the ritual in three days.
She handed him the tea, then sat. "Okay. The Druids' Circle is dangerous because of these ley lines. Explain." She crossed her legs, facing him on the log, sitting very close.
He wanted to pull her over his lap into his arms. Better yet, he wanted to taste her mouth, her neck. If dreams were reality, he'd drape her with the warmth of his nakedness. Then savor every inch of her skin, beginning with her breasts moving down her belly to her mound where he'd open her thighs and search out her swollen bud just above the gateway to her feminine core.Stop. Do not think of this now.
Ah, yes, this be the time to break the curse. No wonder his manly drives were getting the better of him. He leaned on his thighs with his forearms to hide the bulge in his pants. No need to scare the lass. She sees that and she would most likely send him on his way.
"Tell me about ley lines."

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barbara huffert said...

What the heck is with that comment? It distracted me so much I forgot what I wanted to say.

Sandra Cox said...

Wishing you many sales, Kathy.

Anny Cook said...

That's a spam comment. Great excerpt. I like your idea for settling down with a book!

Anny Cook said...

PS: Happy release day for Male Me!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yesyesyes...happy release day, sugar. Kathy, love your excerpt and love looking at your cover guy. Yummmmm.

Amarinda Jones said...

What a laugh. Woke up and saw that comment. Just what I needed to start the morning. Missed the comment? Never mind. I will be discussing it on thw next blog

Regina Carlysle said...

I SAW it. Crazy!!! LOL. Those spammers. Damn, they're everywhere.
Kind of makes you blink when you see it and go...HUH???

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Janet for posting my excerpt and thanks everyone for the kind words. Hunky guys on covers always works for me. Glad you liked the excerpt too.
Best to you Janet on your release for Male Me. Wishing you many, many sales!!!