Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday thoughtifications…

* thoughtifications…the act of thinking without being meaningful – page 7 – The Amarinda Jones Dictionary.

Please don’t squeeee

What is squeeeeing all about? Of late I have seen lots of emails with the subject line of Squeeeee. Is that only irritating to me? I reckon it’s a sound only a farm yard animal would make. My eye jumps when I see it written as I can almost imagine the high pitched noise that would be required to make that sound. When did we stop talking normally and start in animal speak? ‘K is another annoying one. Not ‘okay’ or ‘yes’ – just ‘K. I know we’re all busy and yes I have no doubt people text that all the time on their mobile/cell phone but if I have the courtesy to speak in real words to you then please do me the same courtesy. I sat through many lectures and tutorials on the Evolution of Language and Linguistic Analysis etc at Uni. I know the vernacular of any given group is appropriate to them. But when we all start to sound alike and lose our uniqueness as nationalities I find that sad. Yes, popular culture has a lot to answer for but I would like to think we could resist the urge to be clones of another. Let’s try to retain some individuality.

However, when it comes to writing romance, one must conform (foreign word to me) to some common language. I try not to speak in Aussie in my books because I recognize that the publisher is correct – most non Aussie’s do not understand our speech and slang. I can see that when my books go to the FLE – front line editing or final line edits or whatever those initials stand for. I often get comments back like ‘what?’ and ‘huh?’ So I adapt my words to fit in. Yeah, I’ll still keep the Aussie flavour because that’s who I am. But ‘struth, it’s hard to sometimes change words into American speak. They lose so much in translation and do not come out as powerful or unique.

Okay…off language…onto men…

I was talking to a male acquaintance who told me how annoyed he was at romance writers because they ‘make it hard for a man to be a man.’ Huh? Please explain. In a nutshell he saw it like this – his wife was reading romance novels and he felt that was due to that fact he ‘could not satisfy her in some way’. We, as naughty romance writers, made men ‘too perfect’ and dashingly romantic and how were real men supposed to compete with that? Uh huh.
Firstly, real men are real men and paperback heroes are just that – words on paper. They’re not real. They are an ideal that women are smart enough to realize are just that. As a woman knows a man will stare at an Elle McPherson, she knows that that’s his fantasy and he isn’t going to get that.

I asked him why do people read horror or thrillers? Do they want more horror, chills and spills in their real life? Do they want to be scared all the time in real life? No of course they bloody don’t. It’s an escape for a couple of hours into another world. Yes, a woman may read a romance book and think how great the hero was but she knows he doesn’t exist. She may look at George Clooney and think what a sexy man but I am sure – sorry George – that even he isn’t perfect and there would be things about him that would not be attractive…okay, I can’t think what at the moment but the point is – fantasy is just that – it’s a glossy image we can look at or read for a couple of hours to relax. And I also pointed out that if he was so worried about ‘satisfying’ his wife then go out and do something about it. Ask her what she thinks or feels or why she reads romance books if he is so worried. Last time I checked romance writers were not out to break up established love. Only pig, ignorant stupid people telling lies and having affairs can do that.

Off men and on to…Great Olympic moments for Aussies that we just loved…

(Steven)Bradbury is most well-known for his memorable and unlikely gold medal win in the men's short track 1000 metres event at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, owing to three unlikely events occurring.

In the quarter-finals, Bradbury thought himself eliminated. He finished third (only the top two advance), but Marc Gagnon was disqualified, thus allowing Bradbury to advance to the semi-finals.
In his semi-final, Bradbury was in last place, well off the pace of the medal favourites. However, three of the other competitors in the semi-final crashed into each other, paving the way for him to take second place and thus allowing him through to the final.

Again well off the pace in the final, once more all four of Bradbury's competitors (Apolo Ohno, Ahn Hyun-Soo, Li Jiajun and Mathieu Turcotte) crashed out at the final corner, leaving a shocked Bradbury to take the gold medal, the first for Australia or any southern hemisphere country in an Olympic Winter Games event.

Check out the moment here. It goes to show that sometimes even if the odds are against you – you can win.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

I've met the originl queen of squeee and let me tell you it is not an attractive sound.

I don't understand your male friend. My male friend always likes when I let his wife read something new because he generally ends up reaping the benefits as it were.

Anny Cook said...

Loved the video! That was great! I loved the ones who win against the odds.

Molly Daniels said...

It drives me nuts when I get emails in 'text-speak'. Don't people know how to type anymore?

We were watching the cycling yesterday and the leaders were all bunched together. "To make it more interesting, all it would take would be for someone to accidentally brush against the other, causing all four to wipe out, and give the poor guys in the back at shot at winning..." was what I said. I didn't happen, and Cadel finished 9th??, but I was hoping he'd place closer to the top!

Sandra Cox said...

Pretty darn cool about Bradbury. And I liked the poster about the odds. Excellent.

Anonymous said...
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Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Ah pig-stupid ignorant men...and they wonder why we read romances! And does anyone else find it slightly insulting that they would assume we didn't know the difference between fantasy and reality?

(which is not nearly the same as squeee.)

Regina Carlysle said...

Just watched an Aussie swimmer (woman) win the gold. And watched the Aussie men take bronze. Must admit seeing the US MEN's relay beat the French team was inspiring after all the shit talk and then the spectacular come from behind win.

Men should love it when their ladies read romance. The are usually rewarded. LOL

So I'll just say YAY to that and not SQUEEEEEE...which I also find irritating as hell.