Friday, 30 July 2010

Arse and elbows...

I was in my office today bored as all get out praying the day would be called off due to lack of interest. I did ask the receptionist to announce that over the PA but she indicated it probably wasn't a good idea. Bummer. Now, while I had a shiteload of work to do my motivation muscles weren’t working. They had frozen up and refused to propel me into action.

Where are you motivation muscles located you ask? Well, they move round a lot depending on what you have to do, if the moon is full and if Tim Tams are on sale. It's all highly scientific. For example - an office worker - their motivation muscles are located in the arse and elbows. Arse muscles - have to be made of steel to sit for long dreary hours. Elbows - need to be strong so when you lean forward on the desk, due to sheer and utter boredom, your face doesn't smack into the keyboard. Good, dedicated office workers are all arse and elbows. I'm not one of those. My arse wasn’t motivated today because I kept getting up and wandering aimlessly and I have ‘qwerty’ imprinted on my forehead due to dodgy elbows. Lordy it's hard when your arse and elbows aren’t up to the challenge.

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Sandra Cox said...

'Day called off do to lack of interest'. Ha. I like it.