Saturday, 28 April 2012


Someone asked me yesterday where was home? I’ve been in Cairns now for about 18 months. I said home is Cairns. They said but you had to come from somewhere that you called home. I find that thinking foreign. It’s not like in biblical legend when supposedly everyone had to piss off back to where they were born to get counted or whatever the story was depending on whose telling it.  I believe in the saying ‘home is where you hang your hat’.  Maybe that’s because I’ve moved around a lot. More than likely it’s because I’m not so fixed in my thinking. Or I reckon it’s I believe you belong to yourself first and if you’re happy with who you are, despite, the character flaws, that’s all that matters. A point of embarkation isn’t important. It’s about how you feel about who you are and how you get from place to place and what you make of yourself. I tend to think some people never work out who they are. Why? Possibly they’re too worried about what others think of them. That’s not a way to live.

Home and belonging – it’s about who you are. It’s not dependent on where or who you’re with.  Be at home with yourself first.