Thursday, 26 April 2012

I was at work and the manager said….

…. he felt ‘as weak as a girl.’ My head turned instantly and I looked at him – you know that slitty-eyed-are-you-out-of-your-mind look. I have worked very hard to pull the men into line in the office to make them stop calling women sluts and whores and indicating they’re nothing more than bodies to hump. The manager, to his due, instantly cut his tongue out…ok, he didn’t, but he immediately apologised because I can be quite scary and he had already agreed the men in the office had to pull their heads in when it comes to discrimination and the language they use in regards to women. Anyway, the IT nerd who has basically had no other job in his life and therefore has no life experience with women in offices or out said ‘But women are weak…unless they’re lesbians.’ I rose to my statuesque best of 5ft 2 inches and I said 'If we are making half arsed generalizations based on no fact whatsoever then let me add to the mix that IT people who still live at home in their thirties and have cyber girlfriends could be considered by many as losers.'   

Do not ever judge anyone by their sex or sexuality or one day yours may be brought into question and as for generalizations? Make them at your own peril.