Sunday, 1 April 2012

Half past get out....

So, I have been going through the correct channels with Ellora’s Cave to remove all my books from them. Why? Because I don’t trust them. They once used to be very good but that was back when readers had little e-book choice. They were top dog and due to lack of competition they were sitting pretty and they generally did the right thing. Oh sure, I was concerned when I first started writing there as ‘old’ authors were leaving in droves saying EC was crap and the ‘new authors’ were also ‘crap.’ Now I’m not big on worrying about what people think of me so I took that with a grain of salt and subbed there. That was until I became concerned about payments and the randomness about when cheques got sent out. Others noticed it too. So, I decided, to move on from EC and sub elsewhere. Now, this was a huge thing to do as Ellora’s Cave have or had this policy where they try and put your tits in a vice so you are unable to move to any other publisher. It’s ruling by fear and many people stayed frozen as they were scared to upset EC. I’m not one to be held when I want to move on so I moved regardless and subbed elsewhere. My tits are still intact.

Anyway, back to getting books back. I had the last four to get back. I emailed the correct ‘Please revert the rights back on these books.’ Now EC is not big on answering emails from their authors. Why? Possibly ignorance and lack of honesty. I don’t know. Anyway, I had been waiting for this publisher to revert the last 4 books back and I had waited the required six months. No word from them. They’re supposed to be professional and say something along the lines of ‘We revert the rights back as of such and such a date.’ That’s the proper way to do it so you all know where you stand.

Today, with no response from them, I checked their website as I have been to see if the books were still there. They weren’t and no word from EC. Initially I was pissed off at their once more unprofessional way of doing business. But then I thought about how a company that is losing authors and readers is most likely in dire financial straits and professionally answering my rights reversion letter was probably not possible when they’ve got their proverbial fingers plugging holes to avoid sinking. Yes, yes, it has been rumoured many times EC is/was going under. I won’t be surprised when their doors close.

So, thinking of subbing somewhere? Do your homework. Ask around. Just because a publisher sucks up to you doesn’t mean they’re good. Do you have a bad feeling about a publisher you’re with? Then you’re probably correct. It’s up to you to sink or swim. This is a tough business. No one gives a crap if you fail. Look after yourself first.


anny cook said...

Excellent advice under any circumstances...