Thursday, 19 April 2012

The bod...

So I was standing naked in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, at oh-god-it’s-frigging-5am-in-the morning. I looked at myself in the mirror and laughed. A lot. And that was a good thing. Why? Because I’m over body issues and the perception of what may or may not be attractive when it comes to me. My body is just that. A body. I can do the best to exercise it and keep it healthy but the outer layers? They’re just there. I could have stuff lifted, tucked and sucked out but the ‘stuff ‘ I have is functional and it’s got me to the point I am in my life so far so what the hell, it’s better to have a laugh at yourself than worry about what you’re not. A couple of years ago I learnt a very valuable lesson from a wise friend about bodies and nudity and using the ‘stuff’ you have to the best of your ability be it pleasure or the pain of boot camp. So go on. Strip down. Stand in front of the mirror – toothbrush or not - and have a good laugh. Body shape is not worth getting upset over.


anny cook said...

Nope. It isn't.