Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shag ‘em senseless….

So, of late I have been getting lots of email requests from unknown men to do terrible things to them. Now one ponders a couple of things the first being that no woman can do half of what they suggest and if she could she should be paid great sums of money because she’d deserve it. I also wonder how many of these men would be surprised if you said ‘yes, I will have random, meaningless sex with you, an unknown, undoubtedly feral individual who repulses me but what the hell, I haven’t been shagged by a Neanderthal before. Where do you live? Are you free now?’

Speaking of Neanderthals, that reminds me of an ebook I read a million years ago when I was doing book reviews. The hero was an actual N
eanderthal - you know – the whole deal with the weird cranium etc and the heroine was besotted with him because…well, I can’t remember why because I thought it was fairly silly but then in light of shag ‘em senseless five men and one woman so called ménage romances – yeah, I mean that – it would have been on par with those. Tell me, why don’t we see five women shagging one man in ebooks? Hmm? Could it be that women don’t play well together as a team of shaggers and men are just grateful to see any woman naked?

But back to random sex with unknown, email weirdos…no thanks. I’m too damn good for you. Aim waaaay lower…


anny cook said...

As usual, you've brought a smile to my face and a tickle for Wednesday morning...