Monday, 30 April 2012

Riddle Me This...

….in relation to the latest ebook witch hunt where book covers and content are instantly forbidden if anything the slightest bit sexually arousing is in the content or seen on a book cover – and people can/will report you for it – remember the good old Salem days (?), I find it fascinating that a naked woman with her arse up and a look of shag-the-stuffing-out-of-me-now while said arse is facing three naked men who are indeed focused on her arse is not deemed inappropriate. Then there are the warnings – adults only, multiple sexual partners and anal sex. So, I’m thinking a couple of things…one, because the multiple partners are all Navy Seals – clichéd much – so them contemplating what they will do with her arse is okay because Navy Seals are honourable men and it has been written in the blurb they will ‘protect her’ – that’s obligatory to be said over and over in ménage stories - and therefore that makes everything acceptable or maybe epublishing is just full of bollocks.  

Adults only…get it? Adults choose to read what they want. I wonder when that will be allowed to happen in epub world?

And no, correct, I'll probably never shut up on this.


anny cook said...

As long as the PTB insist on protecting everyone else--and imposing their own morals on other people--it will continue. Personally, I believe I'm intelligent enough to decide what I should/should not read.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

I agree adults should read what they want without a restrictions.