Friday, 13 July 2012

Do not judge me...

Do not judge the way I speak, look, act or dress. Do not assume because I’m a woman I’ll back down. I won’t. Am I older that you? Maybe. Do you think that makes me weak? Well, you’re weak for thinking that and I’ll use that against you. Am I younger than you? Do you think I don’t have life experience that could scare you, make you think twice or make you cry? So you don’t think I’m beautiful? Did you know that no one has to live their life by your standards? Am I too fat or thin or tall or short? Not sure - but I do know I like me and your perceptions are of no value to me. Am I scared of you? No, I’m scared for you if your beliefs are so rigid and unformed that you refuse to see beyond them.

Do not judge me for you will be wrong and I’ll still be me and I still won’t give a crap about what you think. Have a nice day.