Saturday, 14 July 2012

Weekend Warrior-ette…

So, I signed up to do Weekend Warrior. It’s a Saturday morning extra to the boot camp I do every week. No, I’m not completely insane. Only partially. The thing is I want to be better, faster, fitter and stronger. To do that you have to put in maximum plus effort and there is pain. A lot. I expect that. I accept that. The crew that are doing Weekend Warrior are interesting. Everyone has a story. A reason. No one is looking to be the body beautiful. Everyone has hang ups. No one gives up. It’s good to be with real people. 

Thinking of doing something similar? Just do it. Yeah – you can. And yeah, it will bloody hurt and you’ll have to force yourself but then when did anything good ever come easy?       


Sandra Cox said...

Good for you, Amarinda. It takes dedication and resolution to do something like weekend warrior. Physically, you can't get too tough, too strong.