Friday, 27 July 2012

Yoghurt Woman...

So, I went grocery shopping after work. I had been putting it off all week but eventually broke down and did it as I had almost run out of yoghurt. I always have yoghurt. Worlds collide when I don’t. Lucky for the world I avoid that by always having some in the fridge. I guess that makes me a super hero sorta – maybe Yoghurt Woman. Anyway, I did the fruit and veg hunting and gathering and then went to the fresh fish section and stood and waited…and waited…and waited. Other people were waiting and whining...and whining and whining. We waited some more. I then thought bugger it.  I’m a doer not a whiner. I wheeled my trolley off to the front desk and spoke to the store manager. His response? We have hardly any staff. My response? Why do you have the store open? Him – well, people want to buy groceries. Me – you have no staff though. He did admit this was ‘an issue.’ He then stood and looked at me. I stood and looked at him. He flinched first and then said he ‘would go find staff.’ Miraculously staff appeared. Funny about that. See? The power of Yoghurt Woman. 


anny cook said...

I can visualize this perfectly. Go Yoghurt Woman!