Sunday, 29 July 2012

I don’t second the emotion…

Maybe it’s me…maybe I’m not a team player…maybe I prefer to fight a smart battle with people who are willing to go into war and not sit and emote for hours over something that has happened.  

Being an author means you have to have a tough, rhino-like skin. People are going to hate your books, hate you, hate your voice, hate your website, you may not make the sales you want and publishers can and will screw you over. You may not like it but you have to deal with it not agonize for hours or get messy with information that should not be shared because there are some unscrupulous bastards out there who will use it to their own advantage. Not just your thoughts in your stories are made public. Anything you write – anywhere – any time – becomes public. And trust? Trust no one in author land. That’s rule number one.    

Banding together to accomplish a goal? Great. Messy emotion that gets exploited elsewhere? Not great. 

In essence – as an author - learn to fight your own battles, rely on a few and learn to suck it up when you have to in order to move on with credibility or at least your arse not showing.