Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cosmic Voo Doo...

I got an email from a radio show asking that I consider spending X amount of money for X amount of time on air to discuss my tips on romance, dating and finding love. Yes, I’m sure many writers got the same email. While I wish that radio show luck, being a writer has nothing to do with being an expert on romance. 99% of the time we’re not. We’re no smarter with love than any other bugger on the planet. Yes, we may use our imagination more but in my opinion love is just a weird emotion that plays with your mind and to be successful at love is something that comes from within you and that speaks to another person and some other cosmic voo doo that no one can work out.

Some people never fall in love. Some people fall so madly into it that they stay with the one person forever. Others fall in love with someone they can never have. As I writer can I tell you why that happens? Nope. It just does. There is no advice I can give someone on romance other than to be yourself and do what feels right for you and if it never happens then get on with your life. 

Again, love is weird. Genuinely like who you are first – you’re with yourself a long time - and worry about the rest later.