Sunday, 5 August 2012

Too much information....

So, before the long, hard, sweaty oh-my-god-is-she-serious-or-nuts Weekend Warrior climb up the Red Arrow in Cairns, I wandered off in search of the ladies loos at the Cairns Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre. It is fitted with 2400 mirrored panels and it’s designed to mirror back the beauty of the tropical beauty of the Gardens. It’s a great building until you walk pass several dozen of those mirrored panels, on all sides and in front of you, dressed in stretchy exercise gear and you see yourself, at different angles and think ‘way too much information.’ It’s like looking at a train wreck - you want to pass by quickly but you can’t help but look and wonder and think oh-my-god. Yeesh. But in one way it’s good. It makes you more determined to get rid of the fat…that or run really past fast the mirrors to burn off fat. Win-win really.