Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ah, what?

I was talking to someone I work with quite regularly on the phone. She was annoyed that someone we both deal with on a daily basis said to her ‘you remind me of my mother.’ She’s, at a guess, late 50’s. He’s early 30’s. He’s supposed to be a manager of people. Here’s what I think, to manage people you work with you have to assess who that person is and if unsure of what to say for fear of offending them then shut up and say nothing. And yeah, you could blame lack of life experience for saying something so crass to a woman like that but that would be a cop out. You are paid to be a figure head – someone people are supposed to respect – not an insincere twit. I called him out on it. Me - lowly office manager that I am. I pointed out it was inappropriate and also rude because the lady in question had taken offense at it. I’m not sure he understood but he was very quiet. You know, big corporations talk about equality in the workplace and they have a gazillion policies written on it to show they care but in the end it’s all lip service. I've seen it too many times. Men treat women like crap in the workplace.

You say she looks like your mother? I say you act like your 5 years old and do your parents know where you are? 


anny cook said...

Good shot. Probably more accurate, too.