Wednesday, 1 August 2012


You know, I’m trying to be real patient with the Noble Romance Publishing debacle that you’re all no doubt sick to death of hearing about as am I. I haven’t been paid for ages due to the previous CEO or whatever she was or wasn’t and her lack of communication and general ridiculous, hissy fit ideas when it came to royalties and tax for non US citizens. Every other publisher had no drama with it. Only that one couldn't get it.  The current CEO dude is being all happy faced and I’m waiting for the first promised payments this week. I expect a year's worth. Seriously.  A year. Yeah. To be absolutely honest I got so sick to death of dealing with the past whatever the hell she was that I just switched off from it for my own sanity. Several months ago I got back onto her and all the bullshit began again. I’m glad she’s gone. I hope the new CEO honours his promises but to be honest I’m real sceptical.  

As Anny Cook quoted on my facebook - Sigh. Yep. After a while you just take everything everyone says with a heaping cup or two of salt... 

Trust in epublishing? Go Indie. Trust no one but yourself. The rest as fcuk'd.