Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fear of Being....out now...

Fear of Being...99 cents...go on...take a punt...

Spencer Grace is living her nightmares. No longer content to haunt her dreams, an evil creature called the red man invades her world and turns it upside down. He knows things about her no one else does. He feeds on her fears. He wants her for his own. Spencer is fighting for her life. She will not let this bastard win.

But this creature isn’t the only one new in her life. Two men, each with their own agenda, come to her. Both want her body and her heart. Both are prepared to share Spencer to allow her a long dreamed of desire. But in the end only one can have her. Who is stronger?

But can Spencer believe either man? Hot sex and fantasy’s one thing but trust is another. It’s no coincidence that evil and love have come into her life at the same time.