Tuesday, 21 August 2012

True love stuff...

So, I was listening to the car radio on the way home from work and the question that came up was does having your heart smashed to pieces by someone you thought loved you make you more likely to recognize true love when you see it? This all came about because they were talking to men who wanted to find partners and they were trying to figure out what was wrong with them. Firstly, I would say you’re on radio spilling your guts about personal stuff to people who wonder why you’re spilling your guts about personal stuff on radio. Why do you reckon people do that?  Getting all angsty, overly emotional and soppy in front of hundreds of people seems like a dumb thing to do unless you’re a writer and then say no more. Writers are strange. Secondly, I would say that broken hearted people, desperately seeking true love, either jump on the next person in desperation or they stay the hell away from getting hurt again because sometimes it just ain’t worth the pain.  

Does true love exist? Or do we just want to believe in happily ever after so badly because we’re too scared to be alone? Do movies, TV and romance novels set people up with the illusion of true love when in theory it’s just a myth made up to sell films, books, chocolates and flowers? And if true love really does exist why it isn’t equal for all? Why can’t everyone have it? What’s the deal there? True love could then by called elitist, unobtainable and all these people wanting to find it so badly may just be spitting in the wind.  

I reckon love is speculative and what you want it to be. I reckon two people meet, have stuff in common and decide to take a punt on each other. That’s about as true as it gets. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just another shoulder shrug moment.