Monday, 6 August 2012


So, I rarely cook – not because I can’t cook - I can – I just can’t be bothered. Microwave and ultra quick stir fries and of course yoghurt – I can’t live without yoghurt – are the go for me.  However, I heard about these recipes that are low fat, low carbs, low sugar, low expectations and thought I’ll have a look at those on the website. I haven’t looked at a recipe for years. I do have a very old 1950’s Common Sense cook book my mother had. You can find any recipe in the world in that. I kid you not. Want to sauté a wilderbeest in one pan while making an enticing sauce and vegetables to go with it? They tell you how and also what dessert is best to finish it with.
Anyway the new healthy website place had some good recipes too. I saw one for ultra healthy carrot cake. I like carrot cake – chocolate is better of course but there is it. I’m being all healthy and stuff. Stuff is so hard sometimes.  Stuff is running 3 – now 4 kilometers each morning when you would rather sit down and drink lots of coffee and eat baaaad, lusicous things for breakfast. But now, after having found I had a cake tin several weeks ago – who knew - I have decided to cook the ultra healthy carrot cake. Yes, colour me a domestic goddess. It’s in the oven at this moment doing its thing. Yes, amazing, Grace. I expect I’m go for world domination tomorrow…that is if I don’t burn the house down.    


anny cook said...

Yummmm. Carrot cake is delicious.