Friday, 17 August 2012

Socks anonymous…

My name is Amarinda Jones and I do not match my socks.

Hello Amarinda…you slack arse you... 

So, I have this friend who can’t or won’t or maybe, as I suspect, enjoys not grasping - because arguing can be fun - that I do not match my socks. It’s a pretty simple thing. Essentially I‘m lazy when it comes to folding laundry. I don’t bother hunting around matching stuff up. Whatever my hand falls on is what gets put with something of a similar natural – i.e. a sock is a sock is a sock and I don’t differeniate with colour. They are socks. They just are. I also, when I have a hole in the toe of a sock, no longer darn them. Yeah, I used to in the days when I was cash strapped. Now I just throw the sock out and I use it with another sock. Correct, they generally don’t match. Now, you can analyze that whichever way you think. It just happens. It would probably do Freud’s head in but there it is. I’m not big on conventionality.
So, sign me up for counseling on my sock issues and I may just show up with odd socks or depends what's washed.   


anny cook said...

Well, it's an issue of practicality, isn't it?