Friday, 31 August 2012


So I was bored shitless at work and I was chatting on email to a colleague who was also bored but she’d never say 'bored shitless' because she’s an ex-school teacher-come Snow White in waiting. Instead she sent me stuff that she had been doing to keep alert. Apparently we’re supposed to be alert at work. Who knew? 

She sent me a series of Mensa Puzzle Challenges.
Question 1

1. Peter is travelling on a train that left the station at 1pm and is heading due West at 50 kph. John’s train left at 1:10pm and is heading East at 60kph. If their destinations are 100km apart what time will the 2 trains pass each other?

a) 1:00pm

b) 1:25pm

c) 2:00pm

d) 2:17:23pm

e) None of the above

f) Any of the above

g) Some of the above

h) All of the above

(i) who gives a crap

The minute I see a puzzle like this I instantly hear white noise and put the blinders on. I never got to question two.

 Then there was this –

 “Try not to think about penguins…this is especially hard, because by trying too much,  you're remembering what you were trying to avoid thinking of. If you try too little, you end up thinking about penguins anyway.” 

 Uh huh….makes you wonder what penguins think about when bored.