Friday, 10 August 2012


I don’t understand why women get so het up and over emotional about men looking at other women. They’re gonna do it. Making an issue out of it makes it worse. And asking them ‘why are you looking at her?’ I believe nailing jelly to the wall would be less angst ridden and who needs the non-creative 
excuses that if you had to scorecard them you would give the poor dears a 2 out of 10. Men look. That’s the way their brains work. Ooh look – boobs. Ooh, look more boobs. Ooh, look – are they boobs? You gotta feel a tad sorry really. Their minds are boob-consumed. This is why women are the stronger sex. We have boobs and therefore we have the it should be. 


anny cook said...

This is true! And we're not as distracted. Unless they're wearing a budgie smuggler the guys aren't nearly as obvious (in the day to day way of things...)