Friday, 1 February 2008

Hallelujah and pass the gin it's Friday...

Found – one dead rat - If you read yesterday’s blog you will know something dead lurked under my house. Hmm…can you lurk when you are dead? Anyway, I found it and disposed of it. Oh - ick. Yes, it means stuff all to you but I will not have to deal with that nose-breaker again. Why can’t these things go and die at the neighbour’s house?

This morning I nearly went insane trying to find my sunnies (sunglasses). I cannot go outside without them. Okay, yes, I can but I prefer not to. Like most Aussies, I have been wearing sunnies for years and years. The sunlight is strong and I agree you should look after your eyes. Anyway, I searched everywhere and I was thinking how am I going to be able to drive to work without them? Again, I don’t need them to drive to work it’s just one of those things. You get used to stuff and when you don’t have stuff you get annoyed - well I do. And no, the sunlight thing does not means I’m not a vampire….at least I’m fairly sure I’m not. So I was at the point at biting the bullet and driving – gasp – without sunnies when I ran my hand over my hair in frustration. Naturally the sunnies were on my head. I spend 30 minutes looking for what was on my head…don’t you just hate that?

I went to my Doctor, Fairy Floss, the other night. No, that’s not her real name but she is very ethereal and spiritual and into all things existential. Really quite funny when I am nothing like that, but I have been seeing her for years. Like a lot of people I have a thyroid problem. I swear I have the metabolism of a dead fish - hence why I exercise and watch what I eat – boring. Anyway, Fairy Floss is reluctant to up my meds after my latest blood test. She wants me to try more natural methods. This is a woman who frolics in the woods, does Tai Chi and believes everyone should be happy. I don’t frolic, Tai Chi is way too slow for me and happiness can be elusive so you make do with what you have. She believes that people with thyroid issues view life as a battle as they are always striving for more. Well yes…I do want more…who doesn’t? Does that seem an odd thing to say to you? I figure I’ll go along with her for the moment as long as she does not want me to paint myself with woad, beat a tribal drum and chant stuff.

I had a lot of entries in my random contest on what-the-hell-does-Finmctionwere- mean? Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner with the entry – action romance involving a mermaid and a werewolf – from Muffin Puffin Stuffin.

Why this one? Two reasons.

1. Because I don’t think this genre has ever been written and I like the idea of a big fish and a wolf together. How would they mate? Very carefully I’d suggest.
2. I like the name Muffin Puffin Stuffin.

But don’t worry if you missed out as I will have another copy of Shades of Gray, released 6th Feb through Ellora’s Cave, up for grabs on tomorrow. I, along with some other fantastic writers, will be chatting on this site between 7 – 10pm USA EST Friday night. So, come on over and say G’day and see what happens when a bunch of romance authors get together. It’s always interesting. Also, don’t forget on February 5th the long anticipated Eternity Contest begins. So much stuff to win. And – more you ask? Yes, there is always more on the Amarinda blog…we just don’t do steak knives…. go to Kelly’s blog after you’ve finished here to check out the amazing contest she has there. She has sparkling stuff on offer.

On www.kkirch.blogspot Kelly left us with…

"All right, then. I could use someone like you on the trip." Emmeline held up the zuchini zuucker seed. "But first we have to take this little one to the triad."


"It's special. You see the striping on the outter hull? That indicates a unique breed of zuuckers. If harnessed correctly, they can locate untold treasures."

Prim cocked a brow. "Well, plant it then."

"You know that civit cat coffee? How the civit cats eat the bean, digest the fruit and leave the seed in their stool so locals can collect it and brew it up? That's what has to be done with this seed. Eat it, Prim."

For the second last episode of the blog serial, I’m going with…

“Oh piss off! I’m not eating that.” Prim looked at Emmeline angrily. The warrior woman was bigger and stronger than her but Prim had her Doc Martens on and she could kick arse with the best of them.

“Scared to eat it?” Emmeline taunted her.

“You do it then.”

“Someone has to remain normal.” Though Emmeline was the last person on the planet that could claim normality.

Prim snorted in derision. “Good luck with that.”

“Ladies, ladies – play nice.” Zoltan appeared in a flash of blue smoke.

Emmeline coughed to clear her lungs. “Crap – why do you always find me no matter what I do or where I go?”

“True love never dies, baby.” Zoltan held out his hand to his wife. “Come with me.” he totally ignored Prim. He only had eyes from Emmeline.

Surely he was joking? She had not come all this way to give up the chance of riches. “But the chalice and the zukker seeds…”

“Em, let it all go.” Zoltan took in the militant set of her mouth. “Yeah you can – you’re just scared.”

“Of what?” Emmeline hated that Zoltan knew her so well.

“Being normal, being with me.” He kept his hand outstretched towards her.

Was that it or was is she just liked adventures? Emmeline looked at the man before her. It always came back to Zoltan. She reached for his hand. His flesh was warm, firm and comforting.

“Where are we going?”

“To somewhere we’ve needed to go for the longest time.”

Anny had the last episode on tomorrow. Anny’s book Honeysuckle is out now through Ellora’s Cave. Go, buy and even if it’s winter have fan close by as its hot! Maybe have a peak at the Jones girl's books too.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Soooo glad you found your rat, sunnies, and picked your contest winner.

Excellent entry in the Saga round up. Don't have a clue how I'll finish it, but we'll see.

Kelly Kirch said...

Take them to bed. And thank you for flogging my contest, AJ.

I hate dead rats. It's a toss up with live ones though. You either have the nasty so and sos or you smell the nasty so and sos. Bugger.

Molly Daniels said...

Haha...I ran around my 20th HS reunion, frantic because my car keys were no longer in my skirt pocket. I checked the bathroom (last seen) and with the bartender. I walked away...and discovered the keys were in my HAND! Goes to show you I was a lightweight...2 rum and cokes and a severe blonde moment!

See? You didn't need Horatio Cain, after all:)

And the saga's over? Wondered how long it was going to go on...I'll miss it. You guys ROCK!

Heather Hiestand said...

These are the kinds of things that happen on Fridays! That's why I have TWO pairs of sunglasses.

lrwirum said...

what I know about Australia is that it is called Down Under. :-)

Anonymous said...

Let's see, what I know about Australia. Hmmm...the accents are HOT! Oh, and my favorite movie when I was a teenager was Fortress with Rachel Ward. I must have watched it a million times. LOL

Kelly Kirch said...

What I know... It has really cool usage of the English language, there's the whole Jumping Jacks things which can kill a person. Reefs, gorgeous reefs and the cliffs "the apostles". It houses real talent like Amarinda Jones and Helen Woodall.

lrwirum said...

forgot email. :-) Larena