Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday...uh huh...

After my very early morning walk I went and sat on the back steps with my coffee – very cosmopolitan – and thought about the following...
- a coffee cup will smash if you drop it down the back steps
(Take 2 with the coffee/steps/thought thing)
- The only person you can really rely on is yourself so invest in independence
- Wishes aren’t going to get the job done – only reality does
- There really is no rhyme for orange despite author Anny Cook’s valiant attempt with the word florangewhat does that mean again?
- A book does not write itself
- Some people are always going to dislike you – whatever – let ‘em
- Trust yourself before contemplating trust in anyone else
- No matter how much emerald green nail polish you put on a deformed big toe, it’s still going to look odd
- Birds are really frigging noisy in the early morning
- I truly believe the best person to win any award, including an Oscar, is an Aussie...I could be a bit biased there.
- Silly voices on breakfast radio are just that. What talent is required?
- Horoscopes are only believable when they’re positive
- No matter how many stomach crunches I do, I am never going to have a flat stomach
- Talking to yourself is habit forming
- That which does not kill me really just annoys the crap out of me
- To err is human to forgive is optional depending on the level of pissed-offed-ness

- Making up words should become a recognized sport

So, I had to go see Fairy Floss again – my doctor – to do with some stuff. She always makes me pick three flower cards out of a card deck when I arrive. Gambling? No. Magic trick? No. It’s to do with my general well being. I would say a good indicator of that would be if I have a grocery bag stuffed full of Tim Tams or not. Anyway, flower cards picked. All sorts of cosmic stuff going on that is affecting my chi apparently. Also the crystal she spun indicated my hormones were stupid…okay stupid is my word. She did normal doctor stuff as well. I like going to her, it’s an event - better that the circus. No, it’s not menopause but I bloody wish it was. Bring it on now!!! Apparently that’s not going to happen for a while. What a bitch Mother Nature can be. No wonder I am driven to buy Tim Tams.

Author and good mate of the Amarinda blog, Barbara Huffert’s new book – All Roads Lead to Ripon is released today as part of the Bound Brits Anthology from Total-E-Bound. She gave in to my badgering and gave me this excerpt from All Roads Lead to Ripon. Remember – it’s just a click on the cover to buy.

All Roads Lead to Ripon – the blurb

Sometimes is pays to revisit the past.

Jane runs from a smothering ex who won’t take no for an answer right into the last thing she’s looking for – a mysterious stranger who appears wherever she is, watching her.

Simon knows they’re meant for each other the first time he sees her. Why she can’t just do as he says and accept that is almost beyond him.

Can some help from an interested observer be what they need to have a forever together?

Excerpt – warning adult content

“Enough,” he snapped. “Lower your voice or I’ll give you the spanking you deserve right here.”
She balked. “As if. You don’t have the balls…”
“Bloody hell.” In a flash, he had his foot propped up on the nearest ledge and Jane bent over his thigh. Her arms were twisted behind her back, her wrists clamped in one hand. “Silence, Miss Templeton.” His flattened palm landed on her curved cheek.
“Hey, ow.” She struggled to get free.
“I said silence. Hold still,” he commanded with a flurry of swats. His hand was beginning to sting. Even though she was protected by a layer of denim and presumably some sort of knickers her arse probably was too. He wished he were able to watch her cheeks turn that spectacular shade of red and feel the heat radiating from her smarting flesh. That she’d pushed him to administer her first spanking today, here, prematurely, instead of as he’d planned infuriated him even more than her childish disregard of common sense. He clipped her harder.
“Stop. Oh God, stop or I’ll scream,” she gasped, squirming in a futile attempt to avoid the blows.
“No. You won’t. You know that as well as I do because you would have already done so were you going to.” His hand flew ceaselessly.
“Please,” she whimpered, crying openly. “Please. Don’t.”
The haze of anger faded enough for him to realise that her reaction was changing. At first, Jane had fought to escape and to shift away from his hand. She had been rigid with fear and demanding he release her. Now however, her entire demeanour was altered. He became more methodical with his slaps and was thrilled with how her hips shifted as if seeking more. Moans interrupted her sobs. She continued to beg, softly now, but for him to continue instead of to stop.
“Are you ready to be reasonable?” he asked, pausing the spanking to caress her curves.
His voice seemed to draw her from the trance and Jane stiffened immediately. “You bastard! Let me go.”
Renewed fury surged through him and he resumed her punishment. “Language, Miss Templeton,” he repeated. “I won’t tolerate it.” He emphasised his words with a few strategically placed smacks. “If I need to remind you again, I’ll thrash your bare arse no matter where we are.” His thumb grazed the seam of her jeans covering her slit. “I can feel your wetness through your trousers. I can’t wait to witness it unhindered.”

Tomorrow an excerpt from Dakota Rebel’s book Kit and Mouse – it’s also one of the great stories in Bound Brits Anthology.

Excellent books to buy…another click on the cover moment

American Beauty by Ashley Ladd

Admittedly the cover drew me in when I had it on the blog last week – however, this is such a funny, sweet and sexy story. I loved the character of Brad – he’s all man placed in a less than masculine situation. As for Kirsty – I love it when an author writes about real women with real curves who are not perfect but are instantly identifiable. I read this in one hit I enjoyed it so much. It’s a story of misconceptions and wonderful possibilities.

The Mating Stone by Elyssa Edwards

…what’s it about? I had heard quite a bit about this book so being the nosy person I am I had to have a read. I won’t spoil if for you but what I really enjoyed about this story is the lead up to finding out about the truth of who the hero actually is and how the heroine deals with it. This is a book about true love and what you would do to be with the one you love.

What are dynamic duo Anny and Kelly up to? I suspect much writing and probably dreaming of Tim Tams. Check our and Remember it's also the closing days on Anny's contest so go to - and Molly has a contest on See? Great reading, contests and blogs, read and win.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Dakota Rebel said...

Fantastic Monday thinking AJ. (Is it even Monday there anymore? Your time zone confuses the heck out of me.)

By the way, Barb's story is fantastic. (As usual.) This is one hell of a collection of stories.

Mine, which you so graciously offered to post tomorrow, is set in Ireland, hence the Irish on the blog you were asking about. Plus, I am an Irish girl, so it's true. Everyone loves us. ;)

Here's to booze on Mondays!


Anny Cook said...

Ah... mating stone is my next TBR. American Beauty was my first Ashley Ladd some years back and I agree with you. Looooved Brad.

barbara huffert said...

Hm, your early morning musings apply nicely to my life. Should I be worried?

Thanks so much for posting me. You're going to love Dakota's tomorrow.

Kelly Kirch said...

What I would give to lurk in your brain for a day. How very entertaining your thoughts are.

Anny Cook said...

BTW, florange=orange flower.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I want to go see Fairy Floss - she sounds much more entertaining than my doctor.

Mona Risk said...

Books don't get written by themselves and stomach don't get flat. How true. AJ, walking in the morning makes you so wise.
Barbara, congrats on your new book.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to that Bron :D I want Fairy Floss!!!. I'm naught but dirt when it comes to my Dr. I just don't get spoken to. He just sits back in his seat with that 'what do you want' attitude. Then I'm the one telling him what's wrong with me while he just sits there and looks at me like I'm an idiot. Hmm .. really must think about finding another Dr.

Elyssa Edwards said...

Thanks so much for the mention on your blog, Amarinda. I'm very pleased you liked it. It was my first EC book and I have been nervous as hell.

Dr Fairy Floss sounds much more interesting than my doctor. She looks about 21 and I think she's afraid of me. I go in, tell her what's wrong and what I want and she scampers off to comply. I'm actually blogging about doctors later today...once I calm down that is.

Molly Daniels said...

It's waaaay too cold to sit on my porch and drink my coffee!

My TBB list is growing faster than I can read...

Thanks for flogging the contest!

Apparently you're not the only one whose comments get lost...

Sandra Cox said...

Crystals and cards. Wow, you really have a neat doctor.