Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Oh bucket…..

So there is a movie out called The Bucket List – you’ve no doubt heard about it. It’s all about having a list of things to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. It got me thinking about my own bucket list. I don’t have one and I think this is because, other than having to work, I pretty much do what I want to now. I am very lucky. I have no restrictions placed on me by anyone. It’s my choice of course to be single and free of complications as it is another’s choice to marry etc. Life, as we know, is all about choices and there is no point whining over ones you have made. I also don’t have to worry about religious beliefs, family disapproval or what others think of me. Most people expect me to do something that is out of the norm. I suspect they would be disappointed if I didn’t. So, other than going back to travelling the world in style as opposed to living in armpit-like hotels with dodgy people as I did in my wild youth, there’s not a lot I feel I must do. That doesn’t mean I lack ambition, it means I do stuff as the opportunity presents itself. So – don’t I say ‘so’ and ‘anyway’ a lot – anyway, tell me what is on your bucket list? What do you have a burning desire to do if you could just break free and do it? Go on – scandalize us – it’s the first step to starting a bucket list.

Oh bucket…I had a bird fly in through the window today. I have a feeling it had a look through the window and thought I must investigate all the crap I can see inside. Remember the Addams Family home on TV? The inside of my house has been likened to that. So, said birdie flew in and said writer, me, swore as I did not want to be dealing with nature so up close and personal. This is why birds have trees. It’s their domain as my home is mine. I don’t go climbing their trees. So the little bugger circled around and around while I explained to it that it had to leave. It kept circling with what I believe was a maniacal grin on its beak. The thing is I could have ignored it but it kept smacking into things like my King
Kong Doll, my Batman car and Alphonse my four foot, plaster Nubian slave that holds the phone. So, not being the slightest bit at one with nature, I tried to usher it out the door by waving a tea towel at it . It flew into my bedroom and smacked into the cheval mirror then went and hid in a one of my shoes. Dumb bird. I picked the shoe up and started to walk outside with it. The bird decided it wanted to visit a bit longer so it shot out and decided to fly over and perch in the wig of Dolores, my 1960‘s gold dress makers dummy. That was okay as I managed to grab said bird and hair and flip both out the window. Time wasted - 40 mins and the wig has to be washed for I managed to throw it in a garden bed. I am sure that bird is now relating its theme park adventure to its mates.

Oh bucket….chain letters…do you believe people still do that crap? I got one in the mail today. Some dipstick of an acquaintance decided to add me to this nitwit chain. Correct – I think chain letters are stupid - and yes I continuously break the chain and – no, all the horrible curses that are supposed to be heaped upon your head for – gasp – breaking the chain have not touched me. Funny about that. A chain letter is considered by some to be something you could place great trust and belief in – I am sure that's true if you are stoned. Anyway, it was the usual letter – send everyone on the chain $20 and then send the letter on to five other people and soon masses of $20 notes would arrive in your mailbox. If you don’t the world will end, bread will not rise and toilet paper will cost more. Uh huh…funnily enough the dipstick acquaintance of mine did not attach $20 to her letter. She sticky taped a 5 cent piece. Yes, what an intellectual.

Oh bucket…rain poured down south in Sydney again. A relative’s home was damaged in a storm before Christmas. Her roof still has a tarp on it until the insurance company gets their finger out to fix it. So rain is the last thing she needs. Yesterday a news helicopter flew over all the still damaged houses and she got her grandchildren to run and out scream ‘help!’ She said was only sorry she wasn’t quick enough to get them to lie on the ground and spell out the word. Insurance companies…wankers.

That was my Wednesday…what will Thursday bring? Someone asked me how I write the blogs I do. Look around you – weird stuff happens all the time…write it down and tell us about it. Life is never static and there is always some strange thing happening that makes you shake your head in wonder. Look at Anny on and Kelly on you can’t get any stranger than those girls.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Dakota Rebel said...

My bucket list? Not all that exciting. Travel to Europe...
Yeah, that's about it. I try to do the things I want to do the second I get the urge and ability as well.

Your house sounds like so much fun. There is lots of stuff, animals love to visit, and something is always breaking. Awesome!


Kelly Kirch said...

AJ, I am wrecked with disappointment. You used the "L" word in your first bucket. Luck has nothing to do with it dear.

You have to admit though that your fiascos are so much more entertaining than the norm. No, really. You are too close to see it but the things which happen to you are sooooo not normal.

Anny Cook said...

Or maybe her take on her disasters are unique. She's able to laugh about them later.

Hmmmm. My bucket list? I have no clue. I'll think about it and get back to you.

Molly Daniels said...

1) Travel to Greece and Italy
2) Go on a cruise
3) Visit as many amusement parks as I can, just because I love to ride the rides
4) (No brainer here...) Have as many of my books finished/published, or at least thoroughly outlined so my descendands can finish them!

That's all for now. If I think of any more, I'll be back!

Mona Risk said...

AJ, I got addicted to my morning laugh at your blog. You are lucky you can do what you want. I'm always so predictable. And if I'm not, people react as if the earth has suddenly rotated in the opposite direction.
You should have asked Sandra to send you one of her cats. She --the cat--would have gladly obliged helping you with Birdie.
Bucket list very similar to Molly's.

Sandra Cox said...

Now, Mona, I'm trying to teach the cats that the birds are our friends:) Some times they listen, some times they don't:)
Amarinda, by the way, I LOVED Bucket List. Just about laughed myself sick.
I would like to go to Hawaii and Ireland and I'd like to do it without watching every penny I spend.
The objects in your house sound fascinating. Your bird story was hilarious. Though probably not at the time.
By the way my word verification is pmoss. I wonder what a pmoss is?

barbara huffert said...

Don't really have a bucket list. I'm somewhat like you. No restrictions to speak of so I do what I want.

AJ's Nature you charge admission to the bits of nature that visit or other humans who come to observe?

Ashley Ladd said...

Umm...I never heard of that movie, but it's an interesting idea. It's not the first time I've thought about what I'd still like to do with and in my life - if I had the money and time (translated into I only get 3 weeks vacation from my day job each year and now my boss wants me to take a lot of those days only 1 day at a time as we're so busy).

Soooooooo, I would love to travel. I've always longed to tour your country as well as New Zealand, Germany (where my ancestors hail from), Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of my country (I've only seen about half).

I'd like to see my books on the NY Times bestseller list.

I'd like to be able to spend a lot more time with my dad. He's in Cincinnati and I'm in Florida. (see the vacation stuff above).

I'd like to learn to roller blade and ice skate really well (This I can work on on weekends and will have to).

I'd like to get a maid or become a better house keeper.

I'd like to learn how to cook Chinese and Japanese food really well.

I'd like to learn how to paint with oil paints, do pottery, scrapbooking, and of course, writing a WHOLE LOT more books.

This reminds me of a new website I signed up on a couple weeks ago called It's 43 things we'd still like to do with our lives. I haven't come up with all 43 things yet. And I would have thought I could have thought of double that amount.

Elyssa Edwards said...

Relieved you got the birdie out the window. My very superstitious Irish grandfather would have been having kittens when you tried to take it out the door. Old superstition says a bird must go out the way it came in or horrible things will befall the household.

But then my grandfather also thought I was going to be an astronaut/lawyer/actress. I am none of the three. Did I mention he was Irish? Did I mention he took a wee nip now and then?