Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday once more...

Sex…what’s it all about in romance writing? Is it all that central to the plot when it comes to the relationship between the characters? I think we can all agree that the romance between the characters has to be the most important thing. If these are not people that you want to see get together then all the most imaginative, swinging from chandelier sex in the world is not going to make it happen. You have to believe they love each other even through she swears she can’t stand him or they are in peril as they fight the bad guy.

So, how much sex is too much sex? I have no idea. It depends on your own personal moral code. Some people consider any sex in a romance book pornographic while others like to read about the characters falling into bed - or wherever they have sex – together. I personally believe it depends on the style of writing. For example, in Honeysuckle author Anny Cook writes eye-popping sex. To me it’s funny, crazy and hot and it fits totally in with the story. While in Time For Love, author Kelly Kirch allows us a brief

glimpse of what is going to happen before she shuts the door on the characters moment together. That makes me want to read more as I want to know what the characters think the next day. In my own books, I try and write sex that is crazy, off-the wall and real. I personally don’t believe in writing soap opera perfect sex where the hero sweeps the perfectly formed heroine into his arms and over to the bed, where rose petals have been scattered and subtle candlelight highlights her porcelain skin. If you love that, then that’s great and I respect that. I just don’t believe sex is ever that perfect. Things happen that make you laugh.

So, what do you think? How much sex is too much sex? Do you cringe when you read it or do you smile and think I must try that out later tonight? Do you want the full blown fantasy of soap opera style sex or do you want real sex in your books? Feel free to comment.

Changing the subject completely…

I am completely pathetic at checking television guides as I don’t watch much television other then certain set programs. But today was different. Why? Because I knew the new series of Robin Hood was coming back to television. Why Robin Hood? It’s very historical. It marks a time in English history when the people were oppressed by cruel, greedy tyrants. Yes, I am a student of history. Okay and maybe, I really, really like to watch Richard Armitage who plays Sir Guy of Gisborne. Yes, it’s true, Sir Guy and Tim Tams are my weaknesses. I’ll admit I am quite pathetic over that man but I know I am not alone. There is a whole Armitage Army out there. So tonight I answer no phones or doorbells. I will be gazing wistfully at the dark and deadly sexy Sir Guy.

A big hello to fellow Steve Seagal aficionado Jane…the lucky woman got to watch a Steven marathon today. See? He really can save the world. Jane and I know the power of Steven.

I heard on the radio this morning that Aussies are more interested in saving money when they go to do the grocery shopping than worrying about the way something is packaged. Well duh. I totally understand what the environmentalists are saying. I get that they want less waste and therefore less impact on the environment but Mr, Mrs or Ms Citizen also has to think about their budget. It cannot be a shock that people will buy cheaper stuff in order to get by in life as opposed to analysing the packaging and buying more expensive stuff. That’s just the way life is. I also find the debate over plastic bags at supermarkets interesting. Yes, I have cloth bags that I use when I go shopping. I recycle and I compost stuff. What I don’t understand is if we get rid of plastic bags what do we put our rubbish in? One genius suggested
buying plastic bags to use for rubbish. Now, I ask you, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of less plastic bags if we go out and buy more to stop using the ones we shouldn’t be using now? Why manufacture more when they are the problem? I agree we are screwing up the planet but really unless someone can come up with a viable solution and not add to the problem shouldn’t we just continue to try to do our best and be careful?

Just quickly, I read the biggest load of racist crap on another blog today. Why would anyone print such rubbish for all to see? I know it takes all kinds to populate the world but you have to wonder what the grand plan was to have these idiots on the planet.

So, from sex to Robin Hood to saving the environment to idiots…that was my Sunday. Go check out Anny – and Kelly on to see what they are thinking. I’m sure it will be memorable.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

pack the racist in the plastic bags. works for me.

Anny Cook said...

Sir Guy is pretty hunky. See he would liven up a sex scene for sure.

Maybe we aren't allowed to have trash... Or if they could recycle the trash... In Chicago, way back in the day, they covered over the landfills with dirt (had lots of hills and valleys) and then turned it into a park. Don't know what they'll do with the electronic trash though.

Molly Daniels said...

I've gotten comments on the language. I had one lady offer to 'meet her friend who died on the Cross', and my own mother objects to the use of the 'F' word. I guess when they were young, the strongest was 'jeepers'!

Ashley Ladd said...

I've always loved Robin Hood and all the stories surrounding him. Although Shrek's band of Merry Men was a little insulting, it was hilarious. I love the real Robin Hood and if I could travel back in history to meet him...move over Maid Marion!

As far as too much sex, it depends on the story. I do want a lot of romance in the stories I read, sex or not.

Anonymous said...

Oooh .. who's this? Sir Guy, eh? Hmm .. must go have a look see. As long as it's not on Channel 9. I don't do Channel 9 any more.

Sex? I guess it's a personal thing. I must say that after reading through 3 or 4 bouts of exhaustive sex marathons that take place in all sorts of unimaginable places I kinda get bored. I mean there are only so many way's you can describe part A fitting into part B! Too much sex in a book kinda puts me off. I like the build-up, the deed and then perhaps a follow up or two. Any more than that, the excitement has worn off and it's like they've been married for 10 years LOL!

Sandra Cox said...

Love the pic. Sir Guy is awfully pretty. And of course, fascinating blog as always.

Anonymous said...

OH and the plastic bag thing. My cupboard is being overtaken by those damn material bags. The thing is, I NEVER remember to take them down the road with me. So I feel compelled to buy more when I'm at the check-out.

I re-use my plastic bags for the garbage, cat-litter, etc. Or I give them to the Preschool to send my son's wet clothes home. Yay! But we do make an effort to re-use them.

The whole packaging debate - I'm sorry. It is my role to put food on the table. I can't afford to buy expensive just because their packaging is enviro friendly. I'm on home-brand as it is folks. Perhaps it's up to the manufacturers to pull their fingers out and reduce packaging rather than the consumers having to bear the brunt all the time.

Oops, this is turning into a rant. I'd better stop.:D

Mona Risk said...

Sex scenes have to fit in the love story, whether it's light or explicit. A love scene has to advance the story and not be a let's take-a-break to have sex. When the book is mostly sex and almost no romance it gets boring unless it's really funny.

Anonymous said...

Amarinda, it's even better than you think. The Steven marathon carried over into this morning. Went to bed and woke up still drooling. Love your blog!


barbara huffert said...

I have a friend who takes plastic bags, cuts them into strips, loops them together somehow to make "yarn" that she then crochets into useful things like heavy duty bags which can be used to tote things without falling apart. She's also made life-sized creatures, stuffed with more bags that can be put outside as garden decorations. Any bags that I don't use for garbage go to her. Hey, I'm not that kind of creative!

Amarinda Jones said...

Go Jane!!! Steven rules! And thanks mate

Anonymous said...

Amarinda - please come and join us at the Armitage Army! have a look at this site
and there is a very friendly forum there if you fancy a squee fest with like minded ladies!

Amarinda Jones said...

Thanks Madnaduk - I have joined