Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thursday Thoughts...

I was out walking this morning as I do every morning - except on the weekend as I believe exercise on the weekend is just bloody wrong. Anyway it is still dark at 5am – no, I’m not worried about walking in the dark as I am not the sort of cranky person you’d want to attack – I walked up the hill and saw the moon. It was enormous and golden. Quite amazing. Now, I’m not the dawn breaking or sun setting type watching person as I don’t see anything romantic in them. Dawn means get up and exercise and sunset means thank god I can go home from work. But that’s just me. However the moon is different. There’s something wonderful about a full moon. Maybe it’s that huge sudden presence letting us know we are not alone in the universe. Maybe it’s some mystical/spiritual thing. Or maybe it’s because you can blame the full moon on whatever madness you are caught up it – it’s not my fault – the full moon made me do it.

As I was walking, I passed some homes that had SOLD signs on them. In Brisbane they have adopted this strange habit of putting
the sales persons face on the sign instead of the house and the features of the house. I find that odd. Most house buyers and snoops like myself want to know what’s in a house, the cost etc. While I’m sure the real estate person is probably a very nice person, I don’t need to know what he looks like as I’m only interesting in judging the value of my property against the one that’s for sale or just sold. Do we need to see the face of Darren McLarren from Sharon Baron’s Real Estate and Pottery Emporium on the billboard? Are we buying Darren? Is this some new racket where real estate agents are being sold? You think you’re buying a house but when you sign the papers you discover you've really bought a smarmy sales person? If you are in the throes of buying a house now, check the fine print to make sure you are getting an actual house and not a Darren McLarren.

We have had a bit of rain here -not enough to break the drought but the damns have steadily risen from 15% to 38% so everyone is pretty relieved. I have to admit we were in deep shite there for a while. When people start talking Armageddon plans you tend to wake up to reality. Anyway, the powers that be have decided that next month some time for 1 hour on 1 specific day (no more) everyone in the Brisbane area can used water on

whatever they want without restriction. And you know what? I have no idea what to use the water on. We have been under water restrictions so long I can’t remember what I used to do with water when it was plentiful. I am so programmed to turn taps off and shower for no more than 4 minutes while trying not to trip on the bucket in the shower that catches excess water that I use on the garden. I did ponder that I could wash the house windows because there is a school of thought that indicates you should be able to see out of them. But I’m wondering should I be wasting what water we have considering what we have been through? You never know how precious something is until you were threatened by the loss of it. I think I’ll forgo the hour and chalk it up under hard lessons learned.

Have you ever stood at the check out waiting to pay for your groceries and when the total is finally tallied up you think holy snapping ducks! What the hell did I buy that cost that much? That happened to me today. I looked at the grocery trolley and could not see the gold bars and diamonds I had bought. It was just the usual stuff…maybe a couple of extra jars of coffee…and wax strips – youch – but hardly luxuries. Just amazing Grace….

Well, you think you know someone….I was shocked today to discover that Ethel, best friend, is becoming all conscientious in her job. “Who are you and what have you done to Ethel?’ I immediately demanded. But apparently she likes this job. We never use the ‘l’ word when it comes to working but Ethel did today. I feel terribly disappointed in her. She said she could not understand it herself as her work ethic was usually crap. I’m going to keep an eye on her as I believe this is not really Ethel. I think it’s a cunning replica and the real could-not-give-a-rat’s-arse-about-work Ethel is being held by body snatchers who are trying to replace all the half arsed workers with conscientious clones. Rest assured, I will not be taken.

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Not sure what Anny has on today as she has been pounding the keyboard in the pursuit of literary excellence. And remember her contest on finishes soon. Have you entered it yet?? As for Kelly, sad events take her to Texas but she’s a tough one and she’ll rebound back. Check out for her latest insights.
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Dakota Rebel said...

On the US side of the world we had a total eclipse of the moon last night. It was so pretty. The last time I remember a moon eclipse I am pretty sure I was very young. I was very glad to get to see this last night.

And this morning on my way to work the moon was enormous too.

See Australia isn't that far away.


Anny Cook said...

Glad your resevoirs are getting reacquainted with water!

Keep an eye on Ethel. Perhaps she's going through the "change".

So glad you remembered to mention the chat as I totally forgot!

PS Dakota, I didn't get to see the eclipse as we were under a snow cloud. ;(

Molly Daniels said...

The lunar eclipse was a wonderous sight under our clear, Indiana skies. I'd witnessed the solar, but never the lunar. 2010, Anny. That's when it's happening again.

Kelly Kirch said...

I missed an eclipse?!?! Arrrghhh! Now I'm bummed.

For less than an hour, I would run a hot bubble bath and then use the water for cleaning my car afterward. You save water, you enjoy and then you reuse. What do you think?

Bronwyn's Blog said...

The eclipse was gorgeous. Very cool about the water - yay for rain.

Sandra Cox said...

YAY for rain. Hope Ethel hasn't been kidnapped by aliens:(

JacquƩline_Roth said...

The eclipse was great, but did anyone wonder why they chose to blow up the spy satellite on the same night?

Anonymous said...

I was out at 6am this morning and it was foggy but the full moon was just glowing. I always smile when I see a full moon yet I have no idea why.

Water? Geez, you can have some of ours. It's rained here practically non stop for the past 2 months. Yeah, I wouldn't bother cleaning your windows. They'd only get dirty again ;) Yeah, I really don't know what to suggest. If you had a yard tank I'd suggest fill it.

Ashley Ladd said...

So many things to comment on in today's post. First, did you see the eclipse last night? Or is it visible world-wide? It was awesome - I even missed some of my American Idol to gaze at the eclipse. Of course my youngest kept dragging me outside with him. He was fascinated. As beautiful as it was, I was not thrilled about the crazy donors that were calling me today. I can always tell (for real) when there's a full moon without ever seeing it. Our donors get extra anxious, incoherent, and highly upset over really tiny things.

Groceries are expensive! I swear I must be buying platinum. I'm not a coffee drinker but I hear it's more expensive than gold.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's Ellora's Cave chat. I will do my best to be there - there is a tournament for my daughter. I'm trying to get the hubby's internet card.

Georgie Lee said...

The clouds blew out of Los Angeles last night just in time for the eclipse. It was wonderful. There is something very magical about the moon.