Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sweetheart Sunday...

Seducing Celestine – review…another one…

Amarinda Jones’s SEDUCING CELESTINE is filled with a combination of humor and lots of hot sex….The relationship that builds between Celestine and Nick kept me in stitches. The balance of the good and the bad made this a story I wanted to finish reading in one sitting. The fairy tales of my youth came rushing back in adult form as I read how the hero continually saves the day. Imagine waking up and seeing a masked man above you and feeling all kinds of delish things that he’s doing to your body.

Good and evil, love and lust abound and you don’t want to miss it. I highly recommend this story. Be prepared to laugh and cry. It’s a fantastic read!

So the question I am asked most is she pulling his tighty whities off? Or on? Or just gripping them to keep what’s left of her control? I like the idea of the last.
On Sunday, the local radio station I favour - 4KQ – has a programme called Sunday Morning Sixties and it plays, as you’d imagine songs are from the 1960’s. Anyway, you know when you are hormonal when song lyrics piss you off…

"Cute little pussycat nose"WTF? No woman I know has a pussycat nose, Tom. Snap out of it. Then there was something about “trading dancing shoes for apron strings” from Bobby or James Darin or someone. Whoever it was – snap out of it too. You wear the bloody apron if you want to eat. This was followed by Lesley Gore singing “You don’t own me.” Damn straight, you don’t. The lyrics …"Flies are in your pea soup baby…” make perfect sense to me in my hormonal state. Why? They just do and shut up. Then there was Elvis with “Can’t help falling in love me you.” Awwniiiice.

By the way, Elvis is in Parkes (country town) in Australia. They have a big Elvis festival. Why? Why not? I have to admit I love crazy stuff like this. I love people with a passion for something and go all out regardless what anyone thinks of them. I also liked Elvis. I went, as you do when you are in Memphis, to Graceland. I found it kind of sad that we were traipsing through this man’s house. Sad that we were gawking at his stuff. I did not expect to feel that. Anyway some of the spectacular events in happening Parkes during the festival-

- Hunka Hunka" Pancake Breakfast
- TransTank Miss Priscilla
- DinnerElvis Hawaiian Sunset Smorgasbord Featuringdance, sing and look-a-like competitions.Special appearance by Elvis
- Elvis Bingo
- Ghost of Elvis Show
- Cocktails with Elvis Coffees and Desserts with ‘a side of Elvis’

- Set Menu Dinner Dance with Elvis
- Bus Tour To 'The Dish' and to 'Lavender & Alpaca Farms' with Elvis as your Tour Guide – what Elvis has to do with lavender or Alpacas I’m not sure but there it is.,26058,23027748-27982,00.html

The Dish’ if you are wondering is the big arsed radio telescope that was involved in the Apollo Moon landings

I have started putting new blinds up today. They had a sale at a large homewares store so I doorbusted with the other insane Sunday morning shoppers. The metal Venetian blinds I have now were ones that Noah had on the ark. I think he got them second hand even then. Anyway, like any good renovator, I am continuously doing the house up as things come on sale. Am I cheap? Nah, just thrifty. So I wandered in catalogue in one hand and trolley in the other and a get out of my way I am here for blinds and I will get them look in my eyes. So I found them – took them up to the counter and went to pay.
Checkout chick - These are Sorrento blinds not Roman
A – It’s all Greek - or in this case Italian to me.
CC – Well you can’t have them at the sales price
A – Why? Foolish mortal I am in the hormonal zone. Don’t make me hurt you.
CC – They’re marked wrong.
A – Oh well, too bad for you but good for me

CC – Here’s the thing, I can’t let you have them
A – Here’s the thing – get your manager
M – They’re marked wrong
A – And that’s not my problem
M – We won’t sell them to you
A – Come with me to the blind section.

No, I wasn’t taking him there to kill him away from witnesses. I took him to show him that not only can I have them because they are marked on the box at that price, their store advertising had it at that price as did the catalogue. I explained to him that a basically he didn’t have a leg to stand on. I worked in a Telephone complaints department, I can coolly point out someone’s error better than anyone. Basically I won because he realized I wasn’t backing down and I got some expensive blinds for a cheap price. I love me. Is it a good thing to be hormonal and be putting up blinds? Sure, because you get to use a drill and no one comes near a hormonal woman with a cordless drill in her hand.

SSShhh…just between us, here is a sneak peak of out next contest. Don’t tell anyone but the next 75 people you see.

What could you spend an eternity doing? What is your passion? Your hunger? Your deepest desire? Each day beginning February 5 and running through February 14 one of the ten authors will complete the line, "My darling I could spend eternity…" on either their blog or website. Collect all ten answers and e-mail them to with Eternally Yours in the subject line to win some hot, romantic books. There will be three lucky Valentine winners.
The prizes – 1st prize--5 books, 2nd prize--3 books, 3rd prize--2 books
More soon…watch this space

Anny has more of ‘the best things’ on including a recipe. Now only if someone I knew cooked… Kelly is talking about training goldfish to dance on ….ok, that could be a lie.

As part of her blog tour author Melissa Lopez stops by tomorrow to talk about her new book Boomerang Love. It’s set in Australia so it has to be good. Am I biased? Maybe…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha .. go get em AJ!

I had a run in yesterday at Victoria's basement. I thought I'd buy my MIL some TJ Green coasters. OF COURSE there was no price on them and there was no price at the table they were on. Ten minutes later the woman is still looking through catalogues.
'They must be a special item' she tells me.
No shit! Just tell me what I owe so I can go. Then my very timid mother pipes up.
'Well why are they on the floor if you don't have a price?'
Common sense, really.
'Because they wouldn't sell if they weren't on the floor' she replies.
Well OBVIOUSLY they're not going to sell on the floor either because there's NO DAMN PRICE ON THEM!
She wouldn't even say 'Listen, I'll give them to you for $10'
just to get us out the door. Needless to say she lost the sale. There's every chance she could have made money on us but I guess we'll never know.


Anny Cook said...

Good job with the blinds, AJ!

Ah, that sixties music. Watched a Peter, Paul and Mary concert on Public television the other night. For anti-war songs, they were very gentle. Sigh. At least you could understand the words.

barbara huffert said...

A hormonal woman with power tools...gotta love it!

Mona Risk said...

Hey AJ for someone hormonal you are mighty patient. Glad you got your blinds. I am still thinking at what I could spend an eternity doing with my darling. I know what he can spend an eternity doing: sleep in front of the TV while I type on my computer.

Phoenix said...

Peter Paul and Mary... I had a record with the a song that went "whirr whirr chicka chicka bonk bonk." Something about a cool little toy. Not war like at all.

Good for you for sticking to the price. If they advertise it they must sell it as such.

The goldfish weren't cooperating. Every three seconds they'd forget the steps. I moved on to the chipmunks out back. They're working on the can-can but Fitz on the end keeps losing his heals. Men.

Sandra Cox said...

Congrats on the x-cellent review!
I want to see the ghost of Elvis show!

Molly Daniels said...

Somewhere, I have my LP of Peter, Paul, and Mary, swiped from my father's record collection. Loved "Going to the Zoo", "May Marvelous Toy" and "Puff, the Magic Dragon".

You go, AJ:) We've also been able to buy things mismarked...stick to your guns and management always caves. In fact, got my 1st apartment that way...the guy in the office showed me the wrong one, but I signed on the spot, so they were honor-bound to give it to me at the lower price.

I one had a t-shirt that said, "Smith and Wesson: The Ultimate in Feminine Protection"!