Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Thursday ramblette...

I mentioned on yesterday's blog about my new contract with Resplendence Press for Taking the Fall. It's ménage. I mentioned the heroine was indulging in the guilty pleasure of making love with two men. A writing acquaintance asked me why I considered it a 'guilty pleasure.' Well, I always write books from the everyday woman's of point view. What I mean by that is if something extraordinary happened to you or I, how would we react? What would we feel or think? We aren’t super heroes or Buffy the Vampire slayer. What would we do? What would be a real response? I wrote the character of Jontie Rhodes, in Taking the Fall, as someone who has not only one amazing man, but 2, come into her life. Should she be loving two let alone having sex with both? Is it right? Should she feel guilt as good girls are not brought up to act like that…well, I wasn't. And no, while I never generally feel guilty at anything I choose to
do, I guess you would
wonder if you could or should have two men at once. Though if one cooked and the other cleaned I guess that would answer the question. Anyway this got us talking about what is a guilty pleasure? What do you enjoy doing but maybe you have a 'should I be doing this’ moment over? As I said, there’s not a lot I feel guilt over. Pleasure to me is relaxation, a reward, something that makes your life easier or nicer. I don’t beat myself up over things like worrying about if I should or shouldn’t do something. But that's me. So, what’s your guilty pleasure? We won’t tell anyone.

Guilty pleasures I found on the internet (the tame ones)
- shoes
- trashy books
- soap operas
- clothes
- junk food
- sex toys
- sleep
- money
- alcohol

So, I have been working on the new website. It should be all very easy and it is and if I could just sit down and do it in one hit it would be done. But damn it, life gets in the way doesn’t it? Then you forget what the hell you were doing or think crap why did I do that was I on drugs? Anyway, it's red…the website that is. I used one of their templates and smacked the devil woman cartoon on. And you know what? If you read the instructions they give you that makes it easier. Who knew? I initially ignored them because I believe I know everything. When I managed to delete the whole thing in error I contemplated the fact that, maybe I did not know everything - and what is this check list down the side that says how to build your website? So I read it. Amazing, Grace where instructions can take you. The web hosts are very good. They always answer my questions asap. The always add “email at any time Amarinda” - okay, I will and have. I know when it's up and running someone will say is that it after all the hoo ha? Why yes and what of it? Maybe I’ll give them the death stare as well…haven’t used that in a week.

I went to the ladies loos late in the afternoon basically to waste time at work as it takes time to walk there and back and it you work it right you can drag it out to 10 minutes or more especially if you stop to gossip. The best gossip is to be found near the hand basins – have you noticed that? Nah, you're probably too good to waste time or gossip. Anyway why am I telling you this? I wandered into the ladies loos and there was a man there. I said “You’re not a woman.” See? I’m terribly astute. He agreed he was biologically challenged when it came to female hormones. He was actually the cleaner replenishing stock. I got into a long chat with him. Why? People fascinate me and cleaners know everything that is going on in a building. Have you found that? I have. When I was working at Promptel I knew things before anyone else did as the cleaners - two sisters…er…Susan and Sally…would come by my desk or flag me down in the car park and tell me amazing stuff. I believe cleaners are actually part CIA and part gossip columnist. Sometimes I used what they told my advantage, and more than once it save my flabby arse. Other times it gave me to chance to look composed and in control when everyone else was shocked. After chatting for 10 minutes with the cleaner, yes still in the restroom, he asked why I wasn’t shocked to find a man in the ladies loos. It takes a lot to shock me. Apparently some women arc up at a male a female territory. I figure if he did not clean then we would be arcing up over that so what does it matter?
Just came back from buying hydraulic equipment with safety suspension. There was a sale on them. What? Bras of course. Those things that stop the over endowed from having their boobs swinging free and knocking someone out. Actually what would be the liability on that? Hmmm... I believe author Regina Carlysle knows a lawyer. If you are reading this Miss Texas please ask him about assault with a deadly boob and what prison sentence you would get. I think it’s good to know just in case you let the girls out on their own. Anyway the words 30% off – the bras – not the boobs jeez - that would be a dream come true - beckoned me. I have been properly fitted for a bra. It’s a good thing to do. Anyway I always buy this certain type that I know fit me perfectly. But they no longer make them in colours. How annoying. They were all flesh colored. I like colour. I wandered along the other racks of simply beautiful bras and I thought I should buy some of these – and then it hit me. What hell does it matter what colour a bra is? I mean really? I know I have to wear one. I put a bra on everyday without thinking so how will colour make a difference? It won’t. As for me, I have not met a man yet who is interested in the colour of your bra. It’s what’s inside that counts to him. My god - that’s sound s like a moral and I hadn’t planned to go do that path but there you go….spooky. So I have some new bras and maybe I am a better person for this deep philosophical moment…or not…maybe I’m just rambling as I do.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


LynTaylor said...

Whack 'em in some dye ;) LOL Um, that would be the bras. Not the boobs. Although if they're anything like mine they'll dangle in there anyways. Damn things.

Anny Cook said...

Personally, the house hunk could not care less what color my bra is. I however love color, lace, and all that other good stuff, so when I can, that's what I buy. BECAUSE I CAN!!!

Molly Daniels said...

Starbucks coffee, Dairy Queen ice cream, and excessive reading are on my guilty pleasure list:)

Katie Reus said...

The man definitely doesn't care what bra I'm wearing, he's just happy when I take it off.

Oh, and guilty pleasures? Shoes, chocolate, and worshipping the sun. I'm sure I'll pay for the last two later in life, but for now, *shrugs*

Regina Carlysle said...

Mmm, guilty pleasures. So many to choose from, so little time. Let's see...filthy books, Blue Bell Mooo Tracks Ice Cream, taking naps, and booze...I like a stiff one once in awhile (GRIN).

I'll be sure to ask this lawyer I know and love about the penalty for death/assault by "flying boobs". Mine were actually once called Deadly Weapons. SNORT, SNICKER.

Regina Carlysle said...

OMG...I completely forgot about this. Last night I found an article about EDIBLE BRAS. It was on AOL's home page. Not the yukky tasting gummy-bear stuff. Two women were posed with pumpkins on their boobs...little pumpkins. Two others had these non-melting chocolate ones that had little chocolate squiggles and flowers. It was nuts.

Sandra Cox said...

Iced Mochas and chocolate.

barbara huffert said...

Asault with a deadly boob...ROLFLMAO!

Jacquéline Roth said...

I like pretties. But I've never met anyone who was interested in the color of my bra.