Monday, 4 August 2008

Male Me….

I am off doing some stuff for a couple of days. Back Thursday…maybe Wednesday. But before I wander off, Male Me is released Tuesday 5th August through Resplendence Publishing. What is it about? Its ménage romance and it based vaguely on a period in my own life. Which vague parts? Hmmm...well, have a read of it and make up your own mind and I’ll tell you if you are right or not. As always, you can click on the cover to buy.

I must thank my RP editor for her work on Male Me. It was her first exposure to my typos and Amarinda-isms and she handled it very well. But then I have been very lucky with my two editors. They are made of tough, unbreakable stuff. I have this theory though - they both edit completely differently. I believe there is a plot between them to drive me mad by making me uncertain of what style I should be writing in at any given moment. They have denied all knowledge of a plot. Sure, sure…

Male Me – the blurb…

After Delaware Brooks sends a silly email about what she would like the new boss to do to her, she is called into the boss's office. The punishment? Every hot, sexual craving she has ever had, fulfilled. But Templeton McAdam is not the only new man in her life. His best friend, Speed is invited to enjoy Delaware much to her surprise and excitement. Two men. One woman. Their only desire is to please her.

Intense pleasure is one thing, but is it wrong to enjoy both men? What would a good girl do? And should she be falling in love with them so fast? But sudden love is not the only problem Delaware has. Someone is watching her every move and planning on teaching her a lesson.

The excerpt – be warned - adult

Two men wanted her. It was the ultimate female fantasy. Delaware would have been lying to herself if she did not admit that turned her on. She was wet with need just thinking about it. But how could she? It was against every rule in the good girl handbook. Not that she knew where her copy was, but she was sure it was written there in black and white.
“I’m not that desperate.” Horny, she was sure, was different than desperate.
Speed moved in even closer, so their hips and thighs connected.
“So why are you here, princess?” His voice was low and deadly sexy.
Good question. What was the answer again? Who could think clearly with all this body heat surrounding her? Delaware knew the shiver that shot through her body could be felt by both of them.
“To show you I’m not scared of you.” She was trembling but it wasn’t in fright.
“Liar.” Under the table, Templeton’s hands moved up her thigh, his eyes never leaving hers while he sought what he was after.
“I am not.” Delaware jumped when she felt his hand push up the fabric of her skirt.
“I think you’re here because the idea of two men fucking you turns you on.” Templeton did not skip a beat in what he was doing. In fact, he made it look all perfectly normal.
“Stop that.” Delaware slapped at the hand that was now rapidly making its way into her knickers. She turned to look at Speed. He watched on in amusement.
“What?” Templeton’s hand slid under the lace barrier.
“Oh─that.” When his finger found her clit she bolted upright in shock. “Oh no, not here.” Before she could resist, Speed pulled her into his arms and kissed her with a passion that stunned her. His lips and tongue tasted so good against hers, and the pressure on her clit made her kiss him back feverishly. She felt like she was on fire.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Sandra Cox said...

Wishing you many sales:)

Anika Hamilton said...

Have a wonderful week, congrats on the upcoming release.

anny cook said...

Oh my... I can hardly wait to find out what's next...

Regina Carlysle said...

One word about this one, YUM. This sounds soooo good, AJ.

Molly Daniels said...

I agree...this one sounds great!

barbara huffert said...

Hm, perhaps a book about plotting editors...