Sunday, 6 December 2009

Do all men think with their dicks?

We had quite the discussion about it at work – male and female – about men and cheating in the light of a celebrity being caught out screwing around. Yes, you’re right – celebrities are just people and they stuff up like the rest of us but it gets announced on a global scale. Anyway one man confirmed what we women always knew – men spend a great deal of time thinking with there nether regions and sex rules a great part of their lives. There’s nothing wrong with that….unless you’re a cheating scumbag and upsetting a woman.

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot this year. I’ve come to accept that monogamy is just not possible for some people. I’ve listened and understood their point of view. It’s a choice. If both partners are in an open relationship where they can chose to love other people then that’s up to them. But cheating when the other party is unaware sucks big time. And being dumb enough to have the evidence of it around? Oh please – of course any woman with one ounce of female hormones is probably going to take a swing at you. The male colleague who confirmed the whole blood rushing from brain to groin theory did point out something we also knew. Not all men are stupid. That a vast majority of men respect their partners and would never cheat no matter what body part was in charge.

‘Thinking of cheating? Your choice - but you’ll get caught out eventually and if you get koshed on the head with the odd golf club or two who’s fault’s that?
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funkychicken said...

Yes, sadly all men do think with their dicks. I say this as somebody who has lived alongside fellow-men for 30+ years. If men are not talking about women in a lecherous way they are usually thinking lecherous thoughts. They cannot talk about an attractive woman's other qualities for long, it may start with her intellect or personality but very quickly disintegrates toward sexual intention. I blame the penis for this. It is like an antenae, constantly demanding attention. Imagine the sensitivity of a vagina but hanging between your legs on 6 - 8 inches of exposed flesh. It rubs against everything, even when you lay in bed at night! I guess that's it's job, to inspire primal urges, as this ultimately leads to the propagation of mankind. Some day's I entertain the idea of chopping mine off, I just haven't had the balls to do it yet :P

AdiGhosh said...

So sad for you bitter misandric women. You're delusional..did Isaac newton think with his dick? He died a virgin you know, cuz he cared more about science than sex. BTW I've come to realise that women think with their vagina more than men do with their penis. They just won't admit it for fear of being labelled 'sluts'. I've been cheated on by women too. Free up, girls. No such thing as a slut. At least don't be a hypocrite.