Thursday, 10 December 2009

I love a good argument…

….no, not the knock down drag out sort or the screaming rage filled kind. And god no, not those psychopathic people who start blog wars for no reason other than their knickers are in a twist. So nope, none of that crap. I like a really good battle of wits where you and your opponent are constantly trying to confuse the other into speechlessness. I really admire people who can argue the devil and at the end of it all just laugh and remain friends or careful enemies. I admire people who mentally make me jump through hoops as I try to think what to say to keep up or be as equally as provocative. If someone can make me speechless, I am annoyed yet pleased. It’s not about aggression – it’s more about passion and attitude and feeling exhilarated after you’ve both cooled your jets. Sigh. There are so few of these people around. I am having argument withdrawal at the moment. Give me one person with attitude and a smart mouth and I’ll be happy. Bring it on.
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Good debators are quick witted and think on their feet. Unfortunately, I'm a midnight philospher.