Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I got this email from a gentleman – a male witch - who pointed out the use of ‘warlock’ to a male witch was a derogatory term and I shouldn’t use it as it was offensive. This came about due to my book release called ‘I Don’t Think So’…see blurb below…

When dashing warlock Thomas Darcy suddenly appears in Mariette Jane’s home announcing he needs her help, she knows he is lying. She is a facilitator between worlds. She is used to supernatural beings seeking her aid. But this man is different. His story does not ring true. So what’s going on and why is she suddenly having hot, delicious sex with the suckable warlock?

Thomas is lying. He has been sent to subdue Mariette Jane but he’s not sure why. He was only told of her threat to all warlock kind. But it’s hard to subdue someone you want to have lick all over and slide inside. The more he is with Mariette, the deeper Thomas becomes involved. Saving her beautiful ass becomes his prime objective.

I completely respect the right for everyone to have an opinion that may differ to mine. I love getting emails from readers who feel they can email me about any subject. I’m pleased this gentleman felt he could email me. But – and there always is one – while this gentleman has his views, I have mine. ‘I Don’t Think So’ is a work of fiction. It’s not real. The characters are out of my head. They live in a world I made up. I chose to call Thomas a ‘warlock’ because it fits this fictitious hero. I respect that there are male witches and female witches. But my characters are not real and do not fit into the world real witches inhabit. One world is reality and the other is Amarinda fantasy.

Never stop having an opinion but not everyone has to agree with it.
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Sandra Cox said...

I vote for Amarinda fantasy. Real can't be nearly as much fun.